Thursday, April 17, 2008

warm day!

Lately it's been warm enough for me to stroll my kids to the Downtown's fountain.

Our favorite summer getaway, walking distance and not crowded especially on weekdays. Most of the people are nice! I wish I could join my kids with their swimwear fashion show hehehe!Oh well,work if off Reyna.Work hard to get rid of your post pregnancy weight.It will take a while though,knowing me.Lazy! Not proud of it,it's just that going to the gym is a big pain for me. My hubby enrolled me to AVAC which was just a waste of money.Our one year Family membership was consumed I guess less than 10 times. What a waste of money.

It was not as warm today as last Saturday. But since we walked from Vasona Park to the fountain,we decided to have a big cup of smoothie from Blendz,our favorite trail drink. I love it so much even it freezes my brain. Cooling off today with a smoothie and the fountain is the best idea.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Had some friends over for lunch and karaoke.Judith,Winnie & Ji-an. Hope they find my cooking okey...oooops!I tried my best!hehehe! Judith's singing made me back off with my intention to sing earlier,guess just have to leave my singing to my self hehehe.Then later today around 7pm Ate Vi and Ate Alice came over also for dinner and little chika-chikas! Had fun today, very much different from my usual!Cooking relaxes me,I know my cooking is not so great but it's very relaxing. And Doniella loves it when there are visitors,kulang kasi sa pansin babies ko dahil di madalas ang bisita dito. Nagpasaway ang bebe! I had fun today!

Friday, April 11, 2008


hmmmmm? to blog or not to blog,that is the question?think reynie?oh well, go ahead dear!sheez! I'm not sure if i can keep it up but sige lang. try lang to. Thanks Joy for sharing this idea with me.

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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