Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Love and Hate relationship with Holidays

I am now officially having a Love and Hate relationship with Holidays and It's beginning to look a lot like....Oh!!!♫  Okey, it's not just because that I gain weight during holidays that I'm saying this  and I blame it to Holidays' irresistible tempting food, but there's something about holidays that I sometimes wish It's just  a one day event and not a long week or months of celebration.I'm starting to hate Christmas songs too, It's nostalgic and I hate it! Am I getting old? Really, in the Philippines we started our Christmas counted as soon as September 1st and you have start decorating too. And since I become a mom of three "Almost spoiled" little girls, I say almost cause they are not really that spoiled. I start worrying as soon as it hits September 1. What to get? Should I get it? Is it tacky? Is it something they'll like? Ahhhh!!!  I feel like commercialism is killing the real meaning of Christmas. I feel like there's emphasis on buying and getting gifts, And I have fallen for it! 

Yesterday I was helping my 5 yr old do her home work and the questions are, What is your favorite Holiday sound,smell,songs,activities,taste. Here's her answers: Bells, fresh Christmas tree scent, Mamasita, opening gifts and eggnog ice cream. I love her answers! In my mind I'm answering them too and some of my answers are that I love the smell of apples because I'm reminded  of my childhood It is only during Christmas that we get to see apples in our table.I love the Christmas breeze. I look forward to " karoling" then. I miss the sound of "tansan" and my mom's fruit salad. Oh I miss home! Now I'm loving holidays! Because just like Christina Perry said on her song ...

"Let all your memories 
Hold you close 
No matter where you are 
You're not alone"

But wait...I've been away for almost 8 years and the closest I could get  to my home is watching ABS-CBN's Christmas Station I.D and speaking of watching, the news was devastating yesterday.Not again! It broke my heart to know that Christmas celebration to some family back home is about mourning the lost of their love ones, the lost of their home. It's very sad and  tragic! We are not even  done rebuilding homes and lives from typhoon Sendong last year now typhoon Pablo hit us  as bad again or even worst. 

I think Philippines should start the typhoon countdown starting September 1, instead of Christmas day count down.What do you think? "49 days more to go before another typhoon hits us again!" It sucks that my memories of holidays are these stories, these pains, these tragedies every year, right before Christmas! It sure is  hard to celebrate and even be merry while knowing situations like these are happening back home and you can't do anything about it. You can't fight natures tantrums right? See why I hate holidays? Because while most of the world is busy preparing for Christmas my people back home are trying to find shelter and food to survive the day. While some are busy shopping for new clothes to add to their already full closet, some are waiting in line  for donations of used clothes to keep them warm. But you know what, there's a lot of people who are going to help and knowing that help will be given as someone's gift to these victims...then I love Christmas, Christmas after all is about giving. Please help and make a difference! Check out this link  and see what you can do to help!

                                                                                                                             (Pictures are not mine)

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