Sunday, October 3, 2010

Water Fasting

I am on my third day of Water Fasting and I feel great.I started last Friday,It was @ 10:41 of thursday night that I decided to do it.My husband did it 21 days and helped a lot of people to do it.I was at first in doubt of this whole Water Fasting thing,I thought it was crazy.The idea of starving and being away from food is what stopped me from trying. Cause I love my food,my chocolate,my fried food,my ice cream and my steaming white rice.But thanks to my husband's helped of educating me about the whole thing that I decided to try. On my second day,I feel like quitting and told him it wasn't my thing.I had a hard time walking,I retained water on my legs so it was hard to move and my hands we're cramping.Atleast that was what I thought was happening. Recently I was diagnosed with Ulcer and presence of bacteria in my stomach that causes me to be constant uncomfortable burping and pain in my back.For three years I thought it was just because of my multiple C-sections that my internal organs were rearanged and all,that was why I was having all this discomforts. I was under medication for two weeks,nasty experience,I had side effects such as diarhea and heart pulpitations,anxiety and shivering at nights.The drugs left a metallic taste in my mouth that makes it so uncomfortable to even taste food.

As my husband said,why don't you try to finish something cause I haven't finish anything in my life,I am the kind who can't tolerate pain or hardship.I run away and just give up instead of enduring the challenge that come along.So if i can continue with this fast this will be the first time I will accomplish something till the end.Unlike my education which I have given up cause I can't deal with stress and challenges that came along with it.

On my third day Im surprised I haven't been feeling hunger though every now and then I'm telling my husband I can't wait to break my fast cause I am craving for pizza and fried chicken. I will look at this as an adventure who will show great result in the end.I'm giving my body a chance to heal itself.

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