Sunday, August 28, 2011

Foreign Object in her nose?

We just got home from the Elcamino hospital of Los Gatos. Yes, A day before her 2nd birthday and this happen. A foreign object (Pearler beads that is!) got inside my little Bridgy brat's nose. And knowing me,I panicked,as always. I hate it too because when I do my mind goes blank and I will either do something stupid or i wont do anything. Good thing my dear darling hubby knows how to calm me down. I tried taking it out my self with a skinny tweezers but I'm scared it would go in deeper. So hubby decided to just take her to the emergency. I didn't go inside,because I know my self well, I'm a scaredy-cat and I panicked easily and I am not proud of it. Having 3 kids under 6 in our house,I know I need to learn to calm down. Bridget was really good with not putting stuff in her mouth,so I was surprised this even happen. I felt so guilty because things like this shouldn't happen,If only I was watching her. She doesn't talk yet,I'm surprised she was able to communicate with me in her own little way that something got stuck in her nose. Poor thing!

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