Monday, May 21, 2012

Doniella's first Talent Show

Last week was Cake Walk Week for most Elementary Schools in our town and nearby schools. Last Friday along with the cake walk there was also a Talent Show at my daughter's Elementary School. She only had a week of preparation because It took us a little longer to convince her to join. At first she was very hesitant but a week before the school carnival,her Dad finally convinced her to participate. I think he promised her Disneyland. It was such a beautiful day that day,we are so lucky to get the breeze or else we'll be roasting. We almost missed it literally because we thought she was scheduled at 5:30 pm instead she was scheduled to perform at 4:30 pm ( next time I got to have the program lol!) My husband then just dropped us off around 4:25, good thing there was some technical difficulties that the talent show did not start on time. We had enough time to gather the whole "Dumont" gang. Yes the whole family was there and we just can't help to be proud of our little Doniella. My husband and I, I think were more nervous than our daughter, my heart felt like rolling in and out of my chest, It was so crazy I can't explain how nervous I was. This video will obviously show I was nervous coz my hands were shaking, the video was a little shaky plus I have Little Bridget sitting on my lap.Good thing Youtube videos can be enhance. Hope you like it! I made a collage of her pictures when she was very little till now ,we started her early by getting her a toy violin that can be actually be tuned .

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