Saturday, December 10, 2011

How to thin out thick hair?

Oh how I wish that is me asking that question. How to thin out my thick hair? Cause mine is 'volume-less' and thinning. It is almost depressing. I'm just taking away my focus to my hair and look on the bright side. At first I blame it all to my three pregnancies within 6 years, they say it could be brought about by hormonal changes after pregnancy, but for the love of me, my youngest is now 2 aren't them hair supposed to grow back? Thick and luscious? Arrggh! I've been dealing with Alopecia ever since my college days ( which was ages ago btw!) yes they grow back, but every time I hear them doctors tell me I have an autoimmune disease,It scares the cr*p out of me. But it is not life threatening according to my doctorS (with an S, coz I've seen a lot) that is maybe why it's been disregarded by them and dermatologist I've seen a lot of times...:(

It's an autoimmune disease- I've had it since my late teenage years- a disease where the body attacks good parts of the body ,it is attacking its own hair follicles that is. It is not pretty, it really is not pretty. I've had steroid injections ,topical cream etc...the good thing is my hair grows back but it sure is not pretty. So how to thick out my thin hair? Minus 1 gorgeousness point for me,,Arrrghh! ... :(

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Talk: Bridget's Vocabulary

Additional New Words of Bridget As of 11/12/11

1. Puh-pol - Purple
2. Bul - Blue
3. Puh-puh - the Number 2, lol

as of 11/26

1. Dada hop hop- When she saw her dad limping ( dad injured his foot )
2. up - yay! she knows how to say up.
3. wan- number one
4. toh - number two

as of 11/30

1. wet - wet
2. tow - cold
3. tats - tights
4. top - blouse/shirt or top
5. pop pop - popcorn

as of 12/11

1. mama wash - when she wants to watch TV
2. wap - wipe
3. hun - hand

Her vocabulary is rapidly developing so all my previous worries are gone.

Monday, December 5, 2011

♥ Dad's B-day Surprise ♥

I've been meaning to post this pic but I keep forgetting.

Guess where these lil girls were going? To daddy's room we go!!!

They love their Dad soo much, sometimes I think they love him more than me! They really do. It's okey.

Some Things I'm learning from my kids and other kids....

1. Say "Cheese and Sprinkles" instead of saying "Jesus Christ!" and her reasons? you wouldn't believe her reasons behind. - from Doniella. my 6 yr old.

2. That it's okey to wear read socks if you wearing an open toes sandals. It actually looks good.- from Doniella

Kid: Mom,this one is too expensive don't even try it on!
Mom: But I like it honey!
Kid: look mom,it's 100 and zero,zero. We can't afford it right?
- over heard

a kid talking
to her mom at
Macy's fitting
Lesson: don't try on something you can't afford, lol!

Boy: Dad,do you know who Michael Korrs is?
Dad: I don't, do you?
Boy: He is a guy you know.
- A Kid to his Dad looking at
a Michael Korrs Shirt.

Lesson: Get to know the designer of the shirt you're thinking of buying.

5. Korin, my middle child is a one accident prone kid like me. She gets Boo-boo at least 4- 6 times a day or more. So I'm always ready with kisses but lately she's asking for not just kisses but hugs telling me " It hurts more so I need a Hug Mom...Kisses are for little boo-boos!"

Lesson : Kiss can't take all the pain away sometimes we'll get better faster with a big hug!

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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