Saturday, September 17, 2011

Update: 12 days after Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery

It's been 12 days.Yesterday I went to see my surgeon for initial appointment.I was there at 3:30 pm and was seen around 4:15. The doctor only spent about a minute or so,checked my scar and sent me off with words like, "You're tummy looks okey,you can now go back to doing exercises." and "If you have any problem comeback and see me." Really? I was there for more than an hour,and was only seen for a minute? I could've have told that myself and not wasted an hour my time. I was only reminded how I don't like doctors. geee thanks doc!

Oh well. So here is an update, When I got out of the hospital,I came home to a messy house.Toys and clothes everywhere.I have no choice, it hurts more to yell at my kids to tidy up than doing the chores myself. I ended up cleaning their mess.I baked two loaves of banana bread,washed the dishes as if nothing happens.The next day,I felt much better.My whole week's activities were getting up early in the morning to get my daughter ready for school and the usual household you know,the mommy and three kids stuff, but no walking yet. On the second week,I started doing 30 minute walking, walked my kid to school,picked her up, pushed our double stroller with 65lbs kiddies. So I guess I was fine.

I've read about a lot of things online that scared me.How life will change after having no gallbladder,some have it so miserable it is even scary just to read their stories. I know that i'll be struggling with pain, acid re-flux, diarrhea, and so much more for the rest of my life, that is if if I continue eating crap. Really, if I wasn't in so much pain when that episode happen,i wouldn't consider surgery.The thought of having another organ removed in my body just scares me.But I was in so much pain that night, I wasn't able to think and make a choice. But it already happen.It is what it is. All I can do is take care of myself more and enjoy life.

Friday, September 16, 2011

What age is better for a child to start a violin lesson?

She is learning violin at the age of 5,She just turned 6 and it seems that she is losing interest already.Early on she asked to play violin,though we bought her her first violin when she was just 1 yr old,she didn't really start learning until three months ago.

It takes a lot of PATIENCE teaching her because she's a very impatient kid who has a short attention span for her age who can't endure even 10 minutes of practice. I am weighing on thoughts that maybe it's something she does not like to do,that we should stop, but she happens to be good at it. Both my husband and Father- in-law play violin,and they both think that it comes naturally with Elle. I just wish she'll pay more attention. We started her lesson last Wednesday with a professional violin teacher and my husband said she did really good. I'm surprised.

She is a very active kid,with a very outgoing personality.She can stay at the park for one whole day,skate, or be at the little gym without complaining she is tired but Violin practice is different.Five minutes of practice and she'll complain she is tired.I don't want to force it or force her to practice,she might hate it and I don't want her to be left with a permanently sour taste for music. My husband sometimes forces her and I can see how it wasn't fun for her at all.But we are trying to teach her discipline,that no matter what instrument she plays she needs to practice. On this photo she looked like she was about to cry :(

Monday, September 12, 2011

Miss Universe...Miss Philippines

For a country like the Philippines,who loves boxing and beauty pageants,(actually obsessed is the perfect word)Her winning as the 3rd runner up means Victory,it is as good as First. Filipinos are "Pageant-Crazed" and I am one of them,this Visayan beauty definitely gave her country a reason to celebrate. You made our country so proud. For a moment there,I am proud to be a Filipina. Congratulations Miss Shamcey Supsup for an amazing performance at the Miss Universe 2011 beauty pageant,you did your country proud!
Shamcey was asked:
Question: Are you willing to change your religion just to marry the one you love?

Answer: No. I will not change my religion because the first person I love is God. He is the one who created me. And the principles and values that I have now is because of Him. So if that man loves me, he should also love my God.

Inspiring answer but apparently not enough to be crowned Miss Universe but to Filipinos around the world,Shamcey is our Miss Universe.

Back home I've hosted beauty pageants,female,male,gay beauty pageants from Miss Barangay,Bikini Opens,Mr and Ms. Intramurals to Mutya ng Palawan. As the emcee,I've seen how hard work it is for these contestants to put a happy face every time they come out on stage.Then comes question and Answer portions...most terrifying part,mess it up here and you're never going to win.

Congratulations to Miss Angola for winning,deserving beauty! I remember three days ago when me and my husband were browsing through the MU candidates photos on yahoo photo galleries. He said there was just one girl he found so hot and can win it and it was Miss Angola. I remember hubby saying "she's hot!I like her!"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Making Friends

I was reading my old blog from and I found this....

...making fwenz....

Posted by Reyn on Apr 11, '08 3:46 PM for everyone

For me,making new friends can be exciting or intimidating, depending on your personality and your circumstances, but ultimately it is rewarding. To meet new people who might become your friends, you have to break the shell that covers you. Anticipate that some might end up as your friend, some may end up hurting you. It's not easy but most of the time, you will be glad you did. My personality always is the reason why making friends is not easy."Sobrang mahiyain" my mom told me "wala na sa lugar." My parents were even surprised when one day I told them DYPR - FM hired me. I'll be on the radio! How in the world?!? Oh well...charm ???!!

okey...hmmm. Reaching out to establish a friendship sometimes happens simply and casually. I met some at the grocery store,park, friendster, multiply,tru friends. At other times, it takes special effort. In my case effort talaga for sure. If I feel I need and want to take some action so a person I have met becomes a friend, I always ask myself first Am I ready? Am I friendly enough? Is this what I want? In my case, I always back off when I see something in me that is not ready. I hate making the first move. hmmmm! I guess because nobody wants to be turned down,definitely not me.grrr!

I really admire those people who are people person,who have the talent in making friends. It seems befriending to them is as easy as 1,2,3. Not to me, I remember me and my hubby had a fight because he wanted me to call this Filipina he met on his job one day. He told me he set up everything for me all I got to do is call. Stubborn me said, No way jose!Oh well,my hubby stopped trying hehehe!He said "do it your way then!"

My hubby said, it is not becoming interesting that attracts other people,rather you should be interested in them. That's what matter! And besides, Life is too short, so be friendly! Share yourself, share your friends!

I quote "The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends, And no investment on the street pays larger dividends, For life is more than stocks and bonds, and love than rate percent, And he who gives in friendship's name shall reap what he has”

Corrine's Vocabulary @ 14 months old,She is now 4

Corrine Alekzandria's Vocabulary

Posted by Reyn on Jan 12, '09 8:54 PM

There's definitely talking going on here.Bilis talaga ng time. Aside from "uh-oh" and screams of frustration she now has a number of spoken English words. But she listens really good,she follows simple instructions and follows most of what her sissy is doing.A week ago nauutusan ko na na itapon dirty diaper niya sa garbage..Ngayon hindi na. hindi na mauto.Feeling niya siguro aba inuutusan na ako ni mommy ah,eh bebe palang ako. As of January 12,09 here are her words.

She's saying it like this: Which Means:

1. eng-kyu - Thankyou

2. abu - Boo-boo

3. koo-koo - Cookie

4. Hay - Hide or when she see you to say hi

5. joo - Juice

6.dada - daddy

7. no! - for a firm No

8. babo - bubbles

9. O-pee or Open - Open

10. chey - chair

11. ay-ga-yu - I got you!

12. ay-ga-yee - I got it!

13. tee - titty

14. e as in the letter e - when she wants to put something in your mouth

15. hug - if she wants you to hug or pick her up

16. ey-gow - a ghost (pointing at me)

17. aye - eye

18.wuk - look

19.wey - wait

20. bay - bite

21. y...tsu sometimes chi - counting 1,2,3


22. isay - when she wants you to get something in the fridge

23. Hee- head - when she hurt or bump her head she'l say it

24. okey? okey? - she'll ask you if you're okey and then rub ur head

...and more that i forgot.I'll just add it here!oh she is still screaming on top of her lungs by the way.It's driving me nuts sometimes but what i can I do? I love her.

tnx for reading fwends.

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