Sunday, September 11, 2011

Making Friends

I was reading my old blog from and I found this....

...making fwenz....

Posted by Reyn on Apr 11, '08 3:46 PM for everyone

For me,making new friends can be exciting or intimidating, depending on your personality and your circumstances, but ultimately it is rewarding. To meet new people who might become your friends, you have to break the shell that covers you. Anticipate that some might end up as your friend, some may end up hurting you. It's not easy but most of the time, you will be glad you did. My personality always is the reason why making friends is not easy."Sobrang mahiyain" my mom told me "wala na sa lugar." My parents were even surprised when one day I told them DYPR - FM hired me. I'll be on the radio! How in the world?!? Oh well...charm ???!!

okey...hmmm. Reaching out to establish a friendship sometimes happens simply and casually. I met some at the grocery store,park, friendster, multiply,tru friends. At other times, it takes special effort. In my case effort talaga for sure. If I feel I need and want to take some action so a person I have met becomes a friend, I always ask myself first Am I ready? Am I friendly enough? Is this what I want? In my case, I always back off when I see something in me that is not ready. I hate making the first move. hmmmm! I guess because nobody wants to be turned down,definitely not me.grrr!

I really admire those people who are people person,who have the talent in making friends. It seems befriending to them is as easy as 1,2,3. Not to me, I remember me and my hubby had a fight because he wanted me to call this Filipina he met on his job one day. He told me he set up everything for me all I got to do is call. Stubborn me said, No way jose!Oh well,my hubby stopped trying hehehe!He said "do it your way then!"

My hubby said, it is not becoming interesting that attracts other people,rather you should be interested in them. That's what matter! And besides, Life is too short, so be friendly! Share yourself, share your friends!

I quote "The happiest business in all the world is that of making friends, And no investment on the street pays larger dividends, For life is more than stocks and bonds, and love than rate percent, And he who gives in friendship's name shall reap what he has”



ako naman i am very selective of making's my choice and i am at peace with it. I don't want to be in a circle of crowd where you could trust no one. so mao na sya sya! i rather choose having one friend that surrounded with plastic ..thats just me eheheh!


**than - mistyped eheheh

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