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Corrine's Vocabulary @ 14 months old,She is now 4

Corrine Alekzandria's Vocabulary

Posted by Reyn on Jan 12, '09 8:54 PM

There's definitely talking going on here.Bilis talaga ng time. Aside from "uh-oh" and screams of frustration she now has a number of spoken English words. But she listens really good,she follows simple instructions and follows most of what her sissy is doing.A week ago nauutusan ko na na itapon dirty diaper niya sa garbage..Ngayon hindi na. hindi na mauto.Feeling niya siguro aba inuutusan na ako ni mommy ah,eh bebe palang ako. As of January 12,09 here are her words.

She's saying it like this: Which Means:

1. eng-kyu - Thankyou

2. abu - Boo-boo

3. koo-koo - Cookie

4. Hay - Hide or when she see you to say hi

5. joo - Juice

6.dada - daddy

7. no! - for a firm No

8. babo - bubbles

9. O-pee or Open - Open

10. chey - chair

11. ay-ga-yu - I got you!

12. ay-ga-yee - I got it!

13. tee - titty

14. e as in the letter e - when she wants to put something in your mouth

15. hug - if she wants you to hug or pick her up

16. ey-gow - a ghost (pointing at me)

17. aye - eye

18.wuk - look

19.wey - wait

20. bay - bite

21. y...tsu sometimes chi - counting 1,2,3


22. isay - when she wants you to get something in the fridge

23. Hee- head - when she hurt or bump her head she'l say it

24. okey? okey? - she'll ask you if you're okey and then rub ur head

...and more that i forgot.I'll just add it here!oh she is still screaming on top of her lungs by the way.It's driving me nuts sometimes but what i can I do? I love her.

tnx for reading fwends.

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