Friday, October 26, 2012

Product Review: Skin Tone Correcting System from Dermagist

I've been contacted by Dermagist Skin Care Miracle Cosmeceutical about a month ago to do a product review. Honestly, I have not heard about them since till then, I immediately checked their website and what interest me to do a review is that it's a natural product and free of any harsh chemicals. It's not easy putting a before and after photo online because,it means showing my bare face featuring my imperfections that only few close friends knew but here I go.....
My area of concerns are my cheek bones,cause the the sun hits it most and my chin. My chin area has been my problem ever since I can remember, you can tell my hormones and my moods are upside down through my chin coz it'll darken for no apparent reason.My chin and the dark circle around my eyes.

My skin background is combination Skin, Oily to Dry but more towards dry, I know tsk tsk,Why me? I'm in my mid 30's,Filipina, medium to lighter tan skin color. I believe before trying any product you have to know these basics about your own skin type and therefore the result may vary from my skin to yours.

(taken October 26,2012)

10/01/12 : I feel like stopping right now on my fourth day of using this product :(
 Why? Because my skin is drying and flaking. And if you know me,I can stand zits but not dry and flaky skin. It made my skin so tight that it's so hard smile. I don't know,we'll see.

10/21/12 : as of today,It's not making my skin flaky anymore although it still drying my face a little bit, perhaps the weather too is a factor. The product is true to it's name, "Skin brightening" coz it does work. I can see my skin brighter than it use to be weeks ago, though the issues that I hope will be address are still there.

10/26/12 : These are photos of My ( still ) ugly mug lol! my brighter face after a month of using the product.

Overall, I'm happy. What I love about this product the most is that, It didn't make my skin all rosy and red like a typical result of  a chemical peeled or bleached face. It's very easy to apply except for it's Bottle,you'll know what I'm talking about if you decide to get one. I came from a country who loves skin whitening products, name it, from legal  to illegal (it's carzy) we all have it. I remember one product in particular that became a fad back then that makes you look as red as a roasted  pig,especially if you made a mistake of exposing yourself under the sun. I didn't have a problem with sun exposure. I walked my kids to and from school,12 high noon I didn't feel any tingling and sensitivity. I just felt tightness and dryness the first two weeks but using moisturizer solved my issues.

I am not a professional product endorser, ( i'm wishing!) I am a stay at home mom of three gorgeous little girls who was randomly selected  to sample this product. I tried this product on my own risk not knowing the  outcome.I risked my own face, lol! I believe that the longer you use this product the more you'll see results. Just like any other product, the secret is maintenance. There were prolly a couple of days I purposely skip using it just because I'm lazy. If you know me, I am  very low (lazy ) maintenance girl. Or you can say my face is not my priority since becoming a mom.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big John McNeil - 7 year old Doniella Dumont plays version played by Sie...

Please watch our Doniella playing Big John McNeil, one of her her contest piece for Nov. 4's Santa Clara Fiddle Association Fiddle Contest. She'll be playing soldier's Joy and Big John McNeil as her entry. Her number one fan (Her Daddy) is making sure she spends an hour a day practicing, 30 minutes before she goes to school and 30 minutes before bed time right after finishing up her homework. We love you Doniella,You always make Mom and Dad very proud! Here's another version,please watch :)

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