Friday, December 14, 2012

My Christmas Wish

Well, It is definitely not for myself but for Families in Connecticut that were victims of this unexpected tragedy this morning. I wish for them to have more strength to endure the pain it caused them. It is definitely a life changing experience to the victims family, their friends, the kids in Sandy Hook Elementary, the whole community and for the officers who first responded and even for us who are just watching the news. It's not your ordinary breaking news. As a mother of three beautiful girls, two of them are in school (kindergarten and 2nd grade) I fear for my kids's safety, It's sad that a supposedly safe place for your kids to learn is not safe after all. I am left speechless and wanting more answers....why? kids are defenseless, their lives were taken away selfishly by someone who probably does not even deserve his own life. Why is it that these mass killers go for innocent ones, why? why not go out and mass kill the bad people, since you're so tough and insane, go for your fellow insane individual, instead of those who does not have an opportunity to defend themselves like kindergarteners for pete's sake!? It's just a thought.

Stories like this, no one will really know why things like this happens, why pain is inflicted, even after thorough investigations, even after questions are answered of why? how? who? tragedies like this will forever left unanswered. So to those people who believe in Prayers continue praying and to those who are not think of happy,joyful thoughts! I wish there was more to say. I'm looking at my girls right now, I definitely held them longer gave them kisses and hug them when I got home. I deeply wish for The  parents of this tragic event to hold on to their faith and choose not Hate but to celebrate the lives of your children. May you have peace at some point. My heart hurts for you! R.I.P little Angels!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Love and Hate relationship with Holidays

I am now officially having a Love and Hate relationship with Holidays and It's beginning to look a lot like....Oh!!!♫  Okey, it's not just because that I gain weight during holidays that I'm saying this  and I blame it to Holidays' irresistible tempting food, but there's something about holidays that I sometimes wish It's just  a one day event and not a long week or months of celebration.I'm starting to hate Christmas songs too, It's nostalgic and I hate it! Am I getting old? Really, in the Philippines we started our Christmas counted as soon as September 1st and you have start decorating too. And since I become a mom of three "Almost spoiled" little girls, I say almost cause they are not really that spoiled. I start worrying as soon as it hits September 1. What to get? Should I get it? Is it tacky? Is it something they'll like? Ahhhh!!!  I feel like commercialism is killing the real meaning of Christmas. I feel like there's emphasis on buying and getting gifts, And I have fallen for it! 

Yesterday I was helping my 5 yr old do her home work and the questions are, What is your favorite Holiday sound,smell,songs,activities,taste. Here's her answers: Bells, fresh Christmas tree scent, Mamasita, opening gifts and eggnog ice cream. I love her answers! In my mind I'm answering them too and some of my answers are that I love the smell of apples because I'm reminded  of my childhood It is only during Christmas that we get to see apples in our table.I love the Christmas breeze. I look forward to " karoling" then. I miss the sound of "tansan" and my mom's fruit salad. Oh I miss home! Now I'm loving holidays! Because just like Christina Perry said on her song ...

"Let all your memories 
Hold you close 
No matter where you are 
You're not alone"

But wait...I've been away for almost 8 years and the closest I could get  to my home is watching ABS-CBN's Christmas Station I.D and speaking of watching, the news was devastating yesterday.Not again! It broke my heart to know that Christmas celebration to some family back home is about mourning the lost of their love ones, the lost of their home. It's very sad and  tragic! We are not even  done rebuilding homes and lives from typhoon Sendong last year now typhoon Pablo hit us  as bad again or even worst. 

I think Philippines should start the typhoon countdown starting September 1, instead of Christmas day count down.What do you think? "49 days more to go before another typhoon hits us again!" It sucks that my memories of holidays are these stories, these pains, these tragedies every year, right before Christmas! It sure is  hard to celebrate and even be merry while knowing situations like these are happening back home and you can't do anything about it. You can't fight natures tantrums right? See why I hate holidays? Because while most of the world is busy preparing for Christmas my people back home are trying to find shelter and food to survive the day. While some are busy shopping for new clothes to add to their already full closet, some are waiting in line  for donations of used clothes to keep them warm. But you know what, there's a lot of people who are going to help and knowing that help will be given as someone's gift to these victims...then I love Christmas, Christmas after all is about giving. Please help and make a difference! Check out this link  and see what you can do to help!

                                                                                                                             (Pictures are not mine)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lessons on Friendship

Have you had moments when you're looking at your old pals photos and ended up teary eyed and smiling at the same time because memories of your fun adventures flash back. It happens to me, many times. I miss my barkada! I don't know about you, but Friendship back home  and here are like night and day, I miss the simple ways of  Barkadahan. Yung tambay, jamming, kainan,adventure,kantahan,iyakan,inuman, trabaho at yung friendship na walang kompetisyon ( er..maybe there was but I was too young to even pay attention), walang chismis, yung you got each others back. I miss being like by everyone and it hurts to experienced not being like in a Free World. You think wala niyan dito coz you can be whatever, whoever you are in America, you can dress like shit and still call it Fashionable. Yeah, Someone actually didn't like me because I was, take note "Not Trendy enough! "  sad face :-(  oh yeah! pak na pak! tsk tsk!

 Here, for some reason you can feel the competition amongst friends even without saying it. It's my personal view ha and Blog ko to, okey? You can't show up in your friends door here you have to call and set up an appointment then maybe she/he could squeeze you in to her busy schedule kasi  naman America na to eh, lahat kumakayod. And if you have one, you're lucky. I've been here since 2005 and here are the lessons I learned about Friendship, I learned them the hard way, kung makaka relate ka good for you or you can stop reading right here....

1. Don't Judge- Kapag may bagong ipakikilala sa yo...wag mag inarte at sabihing "Di ko siya feel..." or
    " Di   jud    nako na feel si _________!" kasi malay
   mo in the end BFF kayo diba? really I've seen it happen. Si Friend A, said..." I think Miss B was just after
   coming here in the US, her hubby is too old for her!" nah, tiwas na ...BFF na sila ni Miss B karun. Bilog
    ang   mundo ang Bestfriend mo ngayun pwedeng Enemy mo bukas and vice versa. This line is from me " Di ko siya feel kasi mukhang high maintenance!" ako may sabi niyan..I ended up liking her for being kalog and down to earth.

2. Be Neutral-  Exactly,wala dapat kampihan pag nag away away...kasi naman pag naging okey na sila at
   BFF na sila ulit...feeling left out ka.Then you will start to doubt your friendship,paranoid ang drama mo ngayon. Mabubwisit kalang sa Friend mo you'll end up bwisit sa dalawa kaya
   Lesson dun..walang kampi kampi yaan mo na lang sila magbasagan ng mukha eh magiging okey din naman
   sila in the end eh. Kasi nga bilog ang mundo "love mo ngayun hate mo bukas" weeh? me ganun? oo me ganun!

3. Social Media Fuzz- Social media can be fun but don't let it get to your brain and if you think it already is
  taking most of your time "DEACTIVATE" take a break and set your priorities straight. If you start feeling
  bad coz your former close Friend who used to actively like your post is not liking your post anymore come
  on girl, baka busy lang. Kung active naman siya liking your other friends posts eh baka talagang di lang
  niya feel ang mga posts mo...ayan na pag worry wart na ang drama mo sa FB eh break na muna ha! If your friends are not following you on twitter,IG,Tmbler, eh baka mabilis lang ang takbo mo they can't follow you or might be that they don't have one. Kaya tumigil ka ha! wag mag emote na wala sa lugar! If you asked a friend to go to a movie or have lunch with you and keep telling you she's busy...but you see her photos hanging out with other friends, get a clue okey! Hind ikaw ang apple of the eye niya ngayon...and go back to #1's lesson..Don't Judge! the wheels on the bus go round and round nga diba...who knows you'll be the apple of her/his eyes tomorrow! Bet you bottom dollar!

4. Listener lang ang drama, di Commentator okey unless Broadcaster ka- Kung labasan ka ng himutok ni friend A kay friend B...makinig, ilabas sa kabilang tenga,wag dibdibin at baka pati ikaw may himutok na ding pagkalakilaki kay friend B. Iwasan din mag comment kasi baka in the end it's your words against her/his. Importante maging listener lang...,most of the time your friend just need you to listen at kapag hiningi ang opinion mo saka  mo ibigay per0 dahan dahan lang ha baka himatayin sa mga payo mo!

5.  Jealousy eats you Alive! True! Don't let jealousy eat  your friendship, or in any relationship. If your BFF is getting "buddy -buddy or super close na"  with friend C- kalma ka lang! Because If she's your true BFF she won't make you feel left out, She will keep you close no matter what. She won't put you in a situation where you'll feel uncomfortable. And besides there's no ownership attached to friendship! so stop right there!

6. It's not meant to be- Di uukol,di bubukol...hmmm lalim!  yup, If its meant to be it will happen. Nagkapantay kayo ng wave length eh. gets niyo isa't isa. But When your friendship ends and you don't know why..don't just blame it on the other person I'm sure you had your share of faults as well. Move on from that friendship if the reason why your friendship is on halt is unsure and no one seems to know why. Especially if you asked your friend if you two are okey and she said everything is cool and yet you feel the friendship is still slipping away.

7. Stick with Friends that humbles you down- There will always be someone you will consider as "Ate" as confidant, as BFF for real, someone you will get your inspiration, someone who will burst your bubbles pag malaki na ulo mo at dina sumasayad paa mo sa lupa. Someone whom you won't compete coz they are so ahead of you, they been there done that! Someone who will tell you the truth even if it will hurt you.
Friendship comes and go, like what I've said your BFF now could be your Frenemy tomorrow.

I'll end this blog entry with my favorite Friendship quote, Thanks for reading loves!

"A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out."

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Little Fiddle Champ

 Santa Clara Valley Fiddler Association held it's 11th annual Youth Fiddle contest last Sunday November 4, 2012 at Hoover Middle School. I am so proud to say that my 7 yr old  won First prize in her division
 (8 yr old and under,Division I) which made me and my husband so proud. And she made it to the  front page of the San Jose Mercury local news page, here is the link to the photos enjoy! Unfortunately the video I took was so shaky and bright, Little sissy got too excited seeing her big sis on stage that she kept  pulling my hand that was holding the camcorder :( 
I got to get me one of those stand.

Waiting for her turn, She's # 8

with her Dad, giving her last minute instructions.

Her concentration is amazing!

All Done now, My rock star did great!

Her Little Trophy
and her video, enjoy!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Word-less Saturday

Pictures of my 3 yr old Bridget Colleen, showing interest in Musical Instruments. She now owns her Ate Doniella's old fiddle and hopefully we could  start formally teaching her soon.

 She's been watching Princess and the Popstar lately and she told me she is the "POP'TAR " she doesn't want to be the "Prin-tess."

Friday, October 26, 2012

Product Review: Skin Tone Correcting System from Dermagist

I've been contacted by Dermagist Skin Care Miracle Cosmeceutical about a month ago to do a product review. Honestly, I have not heard about them since till then, I immediately checked their website and what interest me to do a review is that it's a natural product and free of any harsh chemicals. It's not easy putting a before and after photo online because,it means showing my bare face featuring my imperfections that only few close friends knew but here I go.....
My area of concerns are my cheek bones,cause the the sun hits it most and my chin. My chin area has been my problem ever since I can remember, you can tell my hormones and my moods are upside down through my chin coz it'll darken for no apparent reason.My chin and the dark circle around my eyes.

My skin background is combination Skin, Oily to Dry but more towards dry, I know tsk tsk,Why me? I'm in my mid 30's,Filipina, medium to lighter tan skin color. I believe before trying any product you have to know these basics about your own skin type and therefore the result may vary from my skin to yours.

(taken October 26,2012)

10/01/12 : I feel like stopping right now on my fourth day of using this product :(
 Why? Because my skin is drying and flaking. And if you know me,I can stand zits but not dry and flaky skin. It made my skin so tight that it's so hard smile. I don't know,we'll see.

10/21/12 : as of today,It's not making my skin flaky anymore although it still drying my face a little bit, perhaps the weather too is a factor. The product is true to it's name, "Skin brightening" coz it does work. I can see my skin brighter than it use to be weeks ago, though the issues that I hope will be address are still there.

10/26/12 : These are photos of My ( still ) ugly mug lol! my brighter face after a month of using the product.

Overall, I'm happy. What I love about this product the most is that, It didn't make my skin all rosy and red like a typical result of  a chemical peeled or bleached face. It's very easy to apply except for it's Bottle,you'll know what I'm talking about if you decide to get one. I came from a country who loves skin whitening products, name it, from legal  to illegal (it's carzy) we all have it. I remember one product in particular that became a fad back then that makes you look as red as a roasted  pig,especially if you made a mistake of exposing yourself under the sun. I didn't have a problem with sun exposure. I walked my kids to and from school,12 high noon I didn't feel any tingling and sensitivity. I just felt tightness and dryness the first two weeks but using moisturizer solved my issues.

I am not a professional product endorser, ( i'm wishing!) I am a stay at home mom of three gorgeous little girls who was randomly selected  to sample this product. I tried this product on my own risk not knowing the  outcome.I risked my own face, lol! I believe that the longer you use this product the more you'll see results. Just like any other product, the secret is maintenance. There were prolly a couple of days I purposely skip using it just because I'm lazy. If you know me, I am  very low (lazy ) maintenance girl. Or you can say my face is not my priority since becoming a mom.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Big John McNeil - 7 year old Doniella Dumont plays version played by Sie...

Please watch our Doniella playing Big John McNeil, one of her her contest piece for Nov. 4's Santa Clara Fiddle Association Fiddle Contest. She'll be playing soldier's Joy and Big John McNeil as her entry. Her number one fan (Her Daddy) is making sure she spends an hour a day practicing, 30 minutes before she goes to school and 30 minutes before bed time right after finishing up her homework. We love you Doniella,You always make Mom and Dad very proud! Here's another version,please watch :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 7th Birthday Angel...

Yes! 7 years ago,today, I gave birth to my firstborn daughter Doniella Angelique. Since that day my heart has been transformed forever.We've come so far since that memorable joyous day 7 years ago and I am but thankful and blessed you've come into our life.I can see lots of changes already and it's bittersweet change to notice. I can see my baby in you still, yet I can see the fine woman you are becoming! Oh boy I'm getting old! I love you sweetpea and Like I'm always telling you, You are my FIRST love!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

♥ I Love you my 3, dearly ! ♥

One,two and now Three, I can hardly believe it's been Three years when I first saw your beautiful face.The day you where born was a  "Super Special" day, the ONLY reason why was because YOU are special. I feel blessed to be your mom and blessed to  live my life with you. May you grow up to be who you wanted to be and I promise to love you no matter who and what you want. I wuv you my 3, dearly, for the rest of my life! happy happy birthday our Superstar!!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I'm still dreamin' of a Church Weddin' Honey!

Who knows right? We just celebrated our 7th Civil wedding anniversary and yes, I'm still hoping and dreaming of a fairytale wedding. Who knows right? But I wanted mine with a fairy godmother's help so I won't turn into one mean bridezilla because of wedding Stress-bells, lol!  Thank goodness for technology,everything is on the tip of your fingers just like this site for Wedding supplies for Planners I found online, pretty cool huh?

Wedding Planner Infographic
Infographic Provided by EquipSupply

Friday, August 10, 2012

bye bye ... 7 year Itch

I don't know if it's just me wondering how we made to 7 years or maybe my man was thinking the same way too, how the heck did we make it  and still sane.Yes, July 29 was our wedding anniversary, 7 years and three beautiful little girls after. 7 years ago we vowed to loved each other for better or for worst. I remember telling him I felt like there was no "for better..only the worse" part. It's been a roller coaster ride but isn't that what makes life exciting and fun. It's challenging, the "itch" in our relationship happens after 7 months, not 7 years. We're both hoping we won't be scratching in the next years, bye bye itch, Hello Love! Oh,noticed the flowers? I wonder why they are getting smaller and smaller and smaller...hmmm??

Sunday, August 5, 2012

♥ I love you my 5 ♥

My Alekzandria is now 5,Yay!!

I can still see you asleep next to me, I can still see you wearing your bib. Today baby girl, We celebrate CORRINE. We celebrate your birth and all that you have brought to our life.We celebrate the many lessons you have taught us. (Aug.5,2012) I celebrate the joy you have given to me. I love you baby! I love you forever and look forward to a lifetime of experiences with you. Thank you for all the smiles and even some of the tears.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Doniella With Sidesaddle Band & Co.

Last Wednesday night Our Doniella played with Sidesaddle band and Co. at Sam's Bar B Que. It was her first time to jam or play along with a band and It wasn't bad at all. I was actually more nervous than her,actually me and my husband were more nervous. I wasn't able to sleep the night before. She was tipped $5 dollars too,so cute! I'm so proud of my baby girl. Here is Turkey in the Straw. Here, they're playing Soldier's Joy. And Here, they're playing Riding on a Load of Hay.

Friday, June 29, 2012


Nostalgia: a wistful or excessively sentimental sometimes abnormal yearning for return to or of some past period or irrecoverable condition. Yes, I'm feeling nostalgic right now. I'm definitely longing for the past. I wish I could go back to where I was before, happy and innocent. " The goood old days!". But this emotion can vary from happiness to sorrow. I am happy reminiscing but I'm saddened, it's scary. Am I deppress? I have no idea,but maybe I am. And music doest it to all the time !!! Btw, I am not a huge BackSteet boys fan but this song just brings me back to where I was so happy the most...Inside my little booth playing songs. This was most requested song in 2000. I love radio and will forever love radio, I miss everyone I worked with...people and friends I met along the way. That was the happiest 7 years of my life. I miss radio so much, I wish I could do it again :(

Monday, May 21, 2012

Doniella's first Talent Show

Last week was Cake Walk Week for most Elementary Schools in our town and nearby schools. Last Friday along with the cake walk there was also a Talent Show at my daughter's Elementary School. She only had a week of preparation because It took us a little longer to convince her to join. At first she was very hesitant but a week before the school carnival,her Dad finally convinced her to participate. I think he promised her Disneyland. It was such a beautiful day that day,we are so lucky to get the breeze or else we'll be roasting. We almost missed it literally because we thought she was scheduled at 5:30 pm instead she was scheduled to perform at 4:30 pm ( next time I got to have the program lol!) My husband then just dropped us off around 4:25, good thing there was some technical difficulties that the talent show did not start on time. We had enough time to gather the whole "Dumont" gang. Yes the whole family was there and we just can't help to be proud of our little Doniella. My husband and I, I think were more nervous than our daughter, my heart felt like rolling in and out of my chest, It was so crazy I can't explain how nervous I was. This video will obviously show I was nervous coz my hands were shaking, the video was a little shaky plus I have Little Bridget sitting on my lap.Good thing Youtube videos can be enhance. Hope you like it! I made a collage of her pictures when she was very little till now ,we started her early by getting her a toy violin that can be actually be tuned .

Friday, May 4, 2012

my pretty Flower girls

We were invited to a friends Wedding last Saturday.The Bride was so beautiful and so was her groom. Perfect for each other. We had fun,the food was awesome and the girls had a blast and oh, meet the fLower girls...none other than My babyDolls! I love them so much! I ordered their dresses on line and what an awful experience it was. I wouldn't recommend the site because their costumer service sucks. These flower girls' dresses were altered by a good friend Naomi and if not because of her my girls are gonna look like $#**, or i'll end up paying a lot of money. :(
This Little Cutie thinks she is one of the flower girls too coz the groom's mom mistakenly handed her a basket of flowers and yes she cried when it taken away from her and given to the real flower girl :) Maybe next wedding sweetie, Tita Ninang Aida's wedding perhaps?
** me and the bride ** I love my dress, I ordered it from Macy's for only $19.99 yes, I love bargain!

This is how the dress came to us. Too Long, too big too stressful to look at, I could literally wear it if not of the waistline.

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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