Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keeping up with the Marathon hopefuls

My friends signed up for a Marathon this March 10,2013 San Jose 408K Race to the Row and they wanted me to sign up as well but I don't wanna do it yet just because I know I let myself go for the last two years and I'm so unfit. Last Saturday I went for a hike with them and I was left behind half of the hike cause I'm so out of shape, my stamina was so low it was pathetic. I was sore the next two days, felt like quitting already. Then I saw a post of this super fit girl I was following on Instagram saying " Sore is new Sexy" lol! So,

I don't own the photo :(
I went with them this morning again, I did so much better than last time and I'm so proud of myself. I still have to train more and do more working out on my own. I woke up this morning weighing 114.2 lbs, yay! That was I think because I switched from eating my salad at lunch to having it dinner at time instead. I feel better! I felt lighter, for 3 days I didn't have meat,chocolate and other junk food. I have a slight headache though, sugar withdrawal you think? I had all the chance to cheat but I didn't. yay! This saturday we plan to run earlier cause the weather is starting to warm up now and according to the weather forecast Saturday is gonna be gorgeous @ 75 degrees, yay!beach day! So we'll see! I had no excuse anymore weather is getting nicer!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Getting Fit @ 35

Hello Blogsphere! It's been a while, I've been extremely busy with a lot of stuff mostly personal, plus I 've been having a hard time finding my inspiration and lately it's been hiding good. But anyway, Hello! Hope all is well, and that ya'll had a nice Valentines day with your love ones. Ey, this post is not about post valentine entry at all, It's about the latest fitness craze happening in the bay particularly with some of my girlsfriends. And I feel like I got to do it too. It seems that most of my girls are into getting in shape nowadays. I went out with my BFF Aida saturday morning, and with Ms. Arlyn to Los Gatos Trail and did a 9 miles run/walk and it's sad to say I was not able to keep up with them. I forced my self too much I guess that I felt so sore the next day, I've never been that sore before. . Did I tell you I'll be 35 in a month? Ouch! Yeah. And I am hoping that I'm not too old to start to get fit. Cause that 9 miles hike sure made me feel like an old f*r#! Here's my stat, I almost made it to 4'11"...almost and I'm 117lbs... I'm over weight, yes!?! I got to do something about it...I'm in my mid 30's, I'm so out of shape and most of the time lethargic and  it's sickening! I'm tired of feeling tired! So let's go do it, I'm keeping up with fitness craze and with the support of my husband ( who knows me so well, that I don't have the will power) I think I can do it. I hope! By the way he is my trainor and my chef! Love!

Day 1:  117 lbs
3/25/13 Monday
Breakfast: Peanut butter and banana Almond Smothie and slices of apples
Lunch: Salad with White Balsamic Vinegrette dressing
Snack: handful of Raw Almond Nuts
Dinner: Cup of brownrice with Cannenelli beans

Day 2: 117 lbs
3/26/13 Today
Breakfast:Peanut butter and banana Almond Smothie and grapes
Lunch: Salad with light honey mustard dressing
Snack: Banana and Almonds raw
Dinner: Rice and beans with with 2 tbs of bombay potatos ( indian food) just for taste.

And I walk/run for 45 minutes in morning and DVD work out at night for 20 minutes, slowly but surely.

Wish me luck! And oh, any help and advice on what to eat, or forms of exercise would be much appreciated!!!
                                     My View- gorgeous Vasona Lake
                                        My favorite DVD work out

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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