Thursday, February 28, 2013

Keeping up with the Marathon hopefuls

My friends signed up for a Marathon this March 10,2013 San Jose 408K Race to the Row and they wanted me to sign up as well but I don't wanna do it yet just because I know I let myself go for the last two years and I'm so unfit. Last Saturday I went for a hike with them and I was left behind half of the hike cause I'm so out of shape, my stamina was so low it was pathetic. I was sore the next two days, felt like quitting already. Then I saw a post of this super fit girl I was following on Instagram saying " Sore is new Sexy" lol! So,

I don't own the photo :(
I went with them this morning again, I did so much better than last time and I'm so proud of myself. I still have to train more and do more working out on my own. I woke up this morning weighing 114.2 lbs, yay! That was I think because I switched from eating my salad at lunch to having it dinner at time instead. I feel better! I felt lighter, for 3 days I didn't have meat,chocolate and other junk food. I have a slight headache though, sugar withdrawal you think? I had all the chance to cheat but I didn't. yay! This saturday we plan to run earlier cause the weather is starting to warm up now and according to the weather forecast Saturday is gonna be gorgeous @ 75 degrees, yay!beach day! So we'll see! I had no excuse anymore weather is getting nicer!

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