Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baptism: "Welcome to the Christian World Doniella,Corrine and Bridget !"

Going to San Bautista Mission Church every Sunday is kind of our little family tradition.We love the little town,It brings you back in time.The kids love the little ice cream shop there that we go to every after the mass.It's been our Sunday family time for almost three months now.So to be able to have our kids's baptism there is such an awesome experience. When the Priest,Father Jim told us he could accommodate us without going through all the loops,we decided to have their Baptism done right away.Also since Don's parents are flying back to California for his brother's wedding this Sunday it'll be perfect. But in every special events there are always obstacles unraveling on the last minute. Thursday night around 9-ish,Mom called telling us their flight to California is cancelled due to the bad weather and that they are stuck in Houston. It would have been more especial if Mom and Dad are present to witness it.And on the way to church,we had a flat tire,imagine that? And all we want is for this whole thing to be stress free :(

Don asked Doniella how she feels after being Baptized,She said without us prompting her, "I feel warmth,like being love!" And we look at each other and say,whoah! She's 6 yr old,it could've been that she really felt something. Thinking about it,gives me goosebumps! Surely kids or infants don't understand the whole reason behind baptism so it is up to us parents, and the Godparents to understand and live those values and pass it on to the kids or infants being baptized. After all,kids will learn Christianity from Home. My wish is for them
to grow more into being spiritual than religious so they will grow up to be
wiser,more compassionate and to have a meaningful life.

Took pictures of them at the altar!

So adorable,they are indeed my blessing!

Here,they are goofing around outside the mission church.

Reception took place at Jardines De San Juan.It's a nice garden setting,Mexican Restaurant. Perfect place for my newly baptized wiggly worms,so much room for them to run around.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elles' 1st Playdate of the year.

This whole play dates thingy is new to me,from where I came from you play with your neighbors,cousins and pretty much everyone after school. It was fun,growing up there as a kid playing was a lot of fun. Today is Doniella's first play date.Everything went well except for some little Elle drama we called "Crying like only Doniella can". Since she has new set of classmates this year,It took us just now to set up a play date for Elle. She was so excited to the extent that last night she went to bed early by herself,woke up early without a fuzz too.Ahuh,it was the first! It seems like she had so much fun that when Daddy picked her up today she hid from him, and cried because she doesn't want to come home anymore or yet. Oh boy,reminds me of how she did the same act last year that I ended up not having her do play dates anymore. Also she started comparing her room,clothes,her toys to what her friends have. She stared questioning about our house,why we don't have these and that. We live in a nice town but the house we are currently renting is kind of old and funky. But it's our home I told her. So we made her promise not to act the way she did if she would want to have another play date in the future.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Video and Photo :EVeryday Smokey Eye Make up

List of the Products I used in this video.

1. Ponds Clarant B3 as moisturizer
2. Cargo blu_ray HD make up concealer
3. Dream Matte powder by Maybelline
4. L'oreal Studio secrets base (only on my T-zone)
5. Urban decay eyeshadow primer
5. Revlon Luxurious eyeliner in blackvelvet
6. Covergirl 4kt 260 cofe shp
7. Physicians Formula Baked Sands from their Baked Collection
8. Falsies Volume express from Maybelline
9. Urban decay eyelash primer potion
10.Curad petroleum-free lip balm
11.Pixi no.1 smokey eye wand as base on my eyelid

This is a very wearable make up.I saw tons of videos on Youtube on how to do this look. I used pretty much drugstore products with the exception of my Urban decay eyelash and eyeshadow primer. Speaking of eyelash primer,I love this product because it makes your lashes thicker so if you are like me who hates putting on mascara,this is a good trick to a full looking thick lashes.

I didn't used any foundation because my skin is all over hte place lately,I don't want to risk breaking out again :-(

Monday, September 26, 2011

"How Do I get Undeppressed? " here are Two of My Most Favorite songs of Natasha Beddingfield

What helps me not to feel down is to relax.But getting there -relax mood stage- that is, is not easy.I am such a worrywart that it's giving me panic attacks. I literally have to go out,breath in and scream to feel better. By the way is there a prescription for worrywarts? But music has been my source of deliverance. It moves the strings of my soul. Gospel Music and Love Songs,even country songs. It always makes me forget the very reason I am down. These past few days, months I felt trapped in so many different overwhelming emotions life could throw on me. I even self diagnosed my self as being depressed.It's funny. Thank goodness for Artists like Natasha Beddingfield,for making inspiring music that could cheer you up,and that reminds me of so many things I have to count as blessings in my life I have roof over my head,I'm bless with three beautiful little girls. That the fact that I'm alive and breathing is enough reason to be happy. She is such an amazing artist,she's beautiful. I love all her songs but these two are my favorites...
listen and enjoy!

This particular one,Happy never fails to uplift my spirit everytime
I'm feeling so down and feels like the world is purposedly f*ck*ng me up. I'm just not happy for the fact that she doesn't get enough recognition for all the great music she makes because she is amazing!

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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