Saturday, October 1, 2011

Baptism: "Welcome to the Christian World Doniella,Corrine and Bridget !"

Going to San Bautista Mission Church every Sunday is kind of our little family tradition.We love the little town,It brings you back in time.The kids love the little ice cream shop there that we go to every after the mass.It's been our Sunday family time for almost three months now.So to be able to have our kids's baptism there is such an awesome experience. When the Priest,Father Jim told us he could accommodate us without going through all the loops,we decided to have their Baptism done right away.Also since Don's parents are flying back to California for his brother's wedding this Sunday it'll be perfect. But in every special events there are always obstacles unraveling on the last minute. Thursday night around 9-ish,Mom called telling us their flight to California is cancelled due to the bad weather and that they are stuck in Houston. It would have been more especial if Mom and Dad are present to witness it.And on the way to church,we had a flat tire,imagine that? And all we want is for this whole thing to be stress free :(

Don asked Doniella how she feels after being Baptized,She said without us prompting her, "I feel warmth,like being love!" And we look at each other and say,whoah! She's 6 yr old,it could've been that she really felt something. Thinking about it,gives me goosebumps! Surely kids or infants don't understand the whole reason behind baptism so it is up to us parents, and the Godparents to understand and live those values and pass it on to the kids or infants being baptized. After all,kids will learn Christianity from Home. My wish is for them
to grow more into being spiritual than religious so they will grow up to be
wiser,more compassionate and to have a meaningful life.

Took pictures of them at the altar!

So adorable,they are indeed my blessing!

Here,they are goofing around outside the mission church.

Reception took place at Jardines De San Juan.It's a nice garden setting,Mexican Restaurant. Perfect place for my newly baptized wiggly worms,so much room for them to run around.

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