Thursday, September 29, 2011

Elles' 1st Playdate of the year.

This whole play dates thingy is new to me,from where I came from you play with your neighbors,cousins and pretty much everyone after school. It was fun,growing up there as a kid playing was a lot of fun. Today is Doniella's first play date.Everything went well except for some little Elle drama we called "Crying like only Doniella can". Since she has new set of classmates this year,It took us just now to set up a play date for Elle. She was so excited to the extent that last night she went to bed early by herself,woke up early without a fuzz too.Ahuh,it was the first! It seems like she had so much fun that when Daddy picked her up today she hid from him, and cried because she doesn't want to come home anymore or yet. Oh boy,reminds me of how she did the same act last year that I ended up not having her do play dates anymore. Also she started comparing her room,clothes,her toys to what her friends have. She stared questioning about our house,why we don't have these and that. We live in a nice town but the house we are currently renting is kind of old and funky. But it's our home I told her. So we made her promise not to act the way she did if she would want to have another play date in the future.

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