Monday, September 26, 2011

"How Do I get Undeppressed? " here are Two of My Most Favorite songs of Natasha Beddingfield

What helps me not to feel down is to relax.But getting there -relax mood stage- that is, is not easy.I am such a worrywart that it's giving me panic attacks. I literally have to go out,breath in and scream to feel better. By the way is there a prescription for worrywarts? But music has been my source of deliverance. It moves the strings of my soul. Gospel Music and Love Songs,even country songs. It always makes me forget the very reason I am down. These past few days, months I felt trapped in so many different overwhelming emotions life could throw on me. I even self diagnosed my self as being depressed.It's funny. Thank goodness for Artists like Natasha Beddingfield,for making inspiring music that could cheer you up,and that reminds me of so many things I have to count as blessings in my life I have roof over my head,I'm bless with three beautiful little girls. That the fact that I'm alive and breathing is enough reason to be happy. She is such an amazing artist,she's beautiful. I love all her songs but these two are my favorites...
listen and enjoy!

This particular one,Happy never fails to uplift my spirit everytime
I'm feeling so down and feels like the world is purposedly f*ck*ng me up. I'm just not happy for the fact that she doesn't get enough recognition for all the great music she makes because she is amazing!

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