Thursday, September 22, 2011

Story of my Thursday life: "I am a Proud Momma!"

I didn't understand Doniella when she told me Tuesday afternoon that it is very important for her to be in school early on Wednesday. It just came clear to me when one of the parent from a different class told me, "You must be proud of your little girl,she receive an award at the assembly yesterday!" And I was like,What do you mean? And she said it was a simple acknowledgement from school for kids who showed good character in their class,stuff like that. So that was what Doniella was trying to tell me,she told us she needs to be early in school because she is going to be standing in front of other kids. And I was trying to figure it out,If I only knew I could've stayed longer after dropping her off and took a bunch of pictures.I know it's prolly nothing for some of you,it's not like a medal of honor or something,but it means so much to me.It makes me feel so proud of her because she could be a Brat sometimes and for her to be acknowledged of having done such a good deed,I can't help but be proud. And also,it feels more of a reflection to us parents. It assures us that we are doing a good job raising our kids in this modern overwhelming world of Parenthood where Moms and Dads are struggling to get their kids under control. I'm glad her school is doing this because it encourages kids to show good behavior. I am so proud of my Daughter,indeed I am a proud Momma!


Joy said...

your such a proud mama reine, ako tawon first week of the school nathan got time out-ang pagkatabian and also he keep on touching his classmate, as in halos every week or day naa time out

♥mommynthree♥ said...

thanks mommy Joy for reading my blog..appreciate it,laki man gud ng imo...bugoy pa gyud. Im just so proud kay maldita baya pud ni usahay madam.


good job kayo si doniella diay wow!

♥mommynthree♥ said...

Thanks Chay!lagi proud ang inahan kaayu :)

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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