Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday Photo Story : Mr. Potato all messed/Mashed up

How can you screw up a mashed potatoes? Oh it's easy caused I did it last night.It's not a joke,it is something I consider failure. I failed, boo! We're supposed to have a mashed potato Monday last night along with a yummy meatloaf for dinner but for some reason my mashed potatoes came out like this....take a good look.

It is a cross between a rice porridge and tapioca pudding.I wish it tasted as either one but it is awful,looked bad tasted bad.They were inedible. Sorry :-(

Now,what did I do wrong this time? because last Monday my husband said I made him the best mashed potatoes,even better than his mom's (now that's a first).



how did you do this? i thought doing mashed is simple.. ehehhe

♥mommynthree♥ said...

ay dah madam, kay nag tanga tanga man jud ko, nakalimtan nako,na soak siya sa tubig for about and hour lol. big mistake :(


haaaa murag ako nga hapit masunog ang kitchen kay nakalimot ko i was boiling a pan.

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