Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY: Jasmine Tea Toner/Moisturizer

An unlikely friend /acquaintance (that is even questionable) brought a bunch of Tea bags from different Hotels He has stayed. This one, intrigued me cause of how it was packaged,Pyramid. Neat actually a scented Tea wrapped in this cute little pyramid bag.

So I tried it,brew the tea pyramid bag but, it was too bitter for me. In short I didn't like it. I was tempted to pour it in the sink but then I realized, I saw a Youtube tutorial about a "Do- it- yourself" Tea Toner or Moisturizer using Green Tea. So I said, the heck a tea is a tea right, I hate to waste an expensive looking tea. On the video she mixed a little bit of Olive oil to the mixture, I didn't do that.

I just put it in a little travel size spray bottle that looks just like these guys that I got cheap from the drugstores. And put it in the refrigerator. Now I have my own antioxidant sspray

So Now every time I feel like my face is dry I just quickly spray it on my face, It feels so refreshing and it smells terrific! If I ran out, I'll try the Green Tea next time, it may not smell like this scented Jasmine Tea. I heard green Tea has a lot of health benefit to your skin.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting even? Who taught you that?

My two year old just hit me in the forehead, of course it hurts and I am the only one to blame :-(

Well,She usually does it with objects, when something hurts her. She come to me every time she bumped into something and always want to me to hit it back.

Like for example she bump on the table, she would want me to spank the table back and say "bad table huh? it hurt you,you bad table you!" and to anything that hurts her. She always tell me what her sisters did to her and she would want me to reprimand them. So to soothe her hurt little ego, mommy gave in. I'll pretend I hit the object back, the stuff that hurt her. Although I know you are not supposed to say " No, hitting!" to your kid and yet you do it right? Mommy mistake # 101 ( Oh and I do have a lot!). One day, her lips hit my head ( hit it pretty hard too) while playing with her. She cried and asked me to kiss her boo-boo, so I did. I said sorry to her, that it was just an accident but then out of nowhere after she stopped crying, slapped my forehead. Hard! I was caught unaware,so she hit my right eye pretty good. It was painful but what are you gonna do? She learned it from me I guess, internalized what I've been doing to those objects that hurt her and did it to me. Time to change huh? Yes.


*** That is my little drawing up there by the way,thought I tried :)

An Event like No Other with A Piano like no other!

I was thankful I did say yes to my husband when he asked me to go with to this Event at Ralston Mansion in Belmont. He's been working with this piano for about 3 years or so and it has been a long journey. To have it finally showcased to the public is amazing.

The event was overflowing with musically talented people. Theodora Martin is an amazing pianist,who blown everybody away. What a phenomenal pianist,beautiful girl too. I admit I didn't really dig Classical music but I was just so blown away by her talent, I wish she is my daughter. My husband is her number one fan too,eversince we met her and her family about 5 yrs ago. He was always vocal about how unbelievable Theodora is,She was 13 when we first heard her play. The Talent is overflowing last night. They had Marcia Cope-Hart ,an Opera singer and Kaye Bohler,who is a Blues/Jazz singer, both are equally amazing performers/singers.

If you are in the market for a Steinway Piano or someone you know,this one is up for grabs. I heard this historic piano is in the market for $675,000.00. It will be displayed at The Rose Collection in Los Gatos,California.

I had a great time. I saw some Friends I haven't seen in years. The Cheese and wines are great too. It was more of a date night for me and my husband more than a business affair. Time away from our three little brats.

Below are some Photos of the Piano with my husband and my 84 yr old Father-in-law.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Relapse ba ni bai or 'Bughat'

'Bughat'- I grew up hearing the word but I don't really know the exact English translation up until now. I believe its medical term is Postpartum depression. But in my case, my third child is already 26 months old and postpartum is not the right word to describe what is happening with my body. Am right? or could it still be?
I have this headache that is so painful like the most painful kind of headache,my hair is thinning, I feel so sluggish and tired as if I walked a mile in my red stiletto. My mood is swinging 180 degrees almost everyday,I have hormonal acne which I never had before even when I was in my teens & 20's, my sex drive is as slow as 1/2 mile an hour. I'm screwed. I'm in my 30's, 3 kids and bazillion stretch marks after, I was not anticipating this fight against my hormones.
So,I called my mom in the Philippines and she said " Pag tuob Inday kay panuhot na,o nabughat tingali ka nak,sige man jud ka palipas og gutom!" She's been telling me to do 'Tuob' since after I gave birth with my eldest. " Unsa man jud ang tambal sa Bughat ma? " So I did the inevitable, I 'Tuob' my self. I don't know how to say it in English ,I'm sorry but I explained it to my husband as an improvised Steam Spa at home. I boiled a pot water with 'dukot' rice, covered my self with a thick old comforter we have and stayed there as long as I can hold. I was extra careful not to get burnt because the space under the comforter is tight with you and the hot steaming pot. I was all sweaty from the steam when I came out, and the funny thing is, I felt really good afterwards. Don said 'what kind of Filipino Voodoo is that?'
I did some research about the health benefits of steam spa, steam helps cleanse your skin and remove toxins,it helps stiff joints,it helps reduce stress,raise your metabolism, improve your complexions and quite a lot more. Interesting huh? so the Filipino especially the Visayans cause 'bughat' is 'part jud sa atung' vocabulary are improvising and since we can't afford steam spa or we just don't have means to do it...our ancestors are kind of heading towards the right direction when they discovered 'Tuob,madiskarte kasi ang pinoy' it's very innovative concept actually lol.If there is a will ,there is a way! And since we're not rich (yet,lol) and we can't afford to install steam spa in our home,I think I'll do the Filipino version for now.

Puff The Magic Dragon.

Doniella: I don't like smoking!
Me: Why?
Doniella: Because it's bad for you!

My 6 yr old knows that smoking is bad for your health, and I always let her know why and teach her the effects of second hand smoking as well. So every time she sees someone smoking she make gestures like covering her nose and pretend she's coughing. There was one time that she approached a guy and told him...
" did you know smoking is bad for you?"
Good thing the guy was very sports and told her that he is Puff The Magic Dragon and came up with some silly stories why he is doing what he is doing. But that is not always the case, you can't just tell someone to quit or question them about why they are smoking and expect a silly defensive answer. You might get an answer like, " Why do you care?" or " shut up,b*t@h!." Well, It's their health after all. They can do what they want to do with their free time right? I always thought that it would be cool to come up with something that would not invade other people's environment or those who don't smoke. Something that can be an alternative to smoking that would be really cool.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday's Video : Jars of Hearts by Christina Perri

I first heard of this Song from GLEE sung by Lea Michelle and I was like... "what is that song?" I love it so much,I love Lea's Version just because. So I gotta know who did it right? I've listened to this song and watched it on Youtube prolly a thousand times. So here it is,enjoy!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bedtime Stories Revised

My kids especially Korin and BridgyBrat love to be one of the characters in their bedtime stories. So I have to come up with one that have three characters or two and have their names as the lead. It's hard because it usually is just one main character ( "Bida" ) in stories. If I read Cinderella to them, either one of them wants to be the stepsisters. But there can't be three Cinderellas right? or I could be wrong. They all want to be the main character and Funny how I always end up as the villain,either the wicked Queen or the nasty Stepmother. And according to my 4 yr old,since I am Filipina and I'm brown I could be Princess Tiana.

I have to do something because I want them to have a good night sleep and not end up fighting for who is who and stayed up late. So I came up with my own story...
"Once upon a time,in a far away kingdom there live three beautiful Princesses name Korin,Bridget and Doniella and they all love to dance. The king and the Queen gave them each magic shoes to help them be the best dancer in the whole is purple magic shoes,one is pink and one is Yellow. One day the magic shoes are gone,it's not where they put them last...ah,ohhh......"
That's how the story starts,or that is the introduction,it is basically about their search to find their missing magic shoes...then I incorporate plots from their favorite fairy tales or cartoons on how the characters their stole their shoes. It's been working,they listen attentively and giggles and sometimes ask for one more adventure. Their Favorite so far, is when donkey stole their magic shoes to give to Shrek and Fiona's babies.Whew!that one was a fun adventure for both me and my girls.

Tonight I will have Flynn Rider steal Korin's magic shoes to give to Rapunzel,She specifically asked for it last night. Korin is my 4 yr old co-writer. Her imagination is million times better than mine anyway.

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