Saturday, October 29, 2011

DIY: Jasmine Tea Toner/Moisturizer

An unlikely friend /acquaintance (that is even questionable) brought a bunch of Tea bags from different Hotels He has stayed. This one, intrigued me cause of how it was packaged,Pyramid. Neat actually a scented Tea wrapped in this cute little pyramid bag.

So I tried it,brew the tea pyramid bag but, it was too bitter for me. In short I didn't like it. I was tempted to pour it in the sink but then I realized, I saw a Youtube tutorial about a "Do- it- yourself" Tea Toner or Moisturizer using Green Tea. So I said, the heck a tea is a tea right, I hate to waste an expensive looking tea. On the video she mixed a little bit of Olive oil to the mixture, I didn't do that.

I just put it in a little travel size spray bottle that looks just like these guys that I got cheap from the drugstores. And put it in the refrigerator. Now I have my own antioxidant sspray

So Now every time I feel like my face is dry I just quickly spray it on my face, It feels so refreshing and it smells terrific! If I ran out, I'll try the Green Tea next time, it may not smell like this scented Jasmine Tea. I heard green Tea has a lot of health benefit to your skin.

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