Friday, November 4, 2011

To all 'Scarf-Challenged' like Me

I was reading Miss Veronica Lee's blog and I came across this post,hope she won't mind me sharing this. You can definitely check her blog " Of Mice and Ramen " you'll love it. I am one of those, or maybe I am the only one who is having a hard time putting on a scarf of any kind. Scarf is a perfect Fall and Winter accessory but wearing it literally feels like I'm being choked. I must be doing it wrong, either scarf is too long,short or my neck is just too short to wear it. I'll go for the latter part.I feel like scarf is not for me. But 'Brrrr' season is approaching and I sure could use one. I enjoyed watching this video, and if you are like me who gave up on scarf, maybe we'll give it one more try. You'll enjoy this video. Great for people like me, or maybe just for me,coz I still think I'm the only one with 'scarf-issues' lol!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Vote for my girls : M Magazine Halloween Cuties Contest.

Above is the photo I entered for M Magazines Halloween cuties contest. All you need to do is 'Like' M Magazine on Facebook and go through the pictures submitted under Halloween Cuties Contest. I think my entry was number 19 on the album.
Want to enter your little one? Send their non-professional photo to with their name and age! You could win a free shoot with Bellalu Photography!! Voting ends on Nov 5th!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Donkey: "Celebrity Marriages, they don't last ,do they?"

I am not watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' for one reason, we don't have cable at home only Educational,kid movies and the likes. But really I don't think I would even if I could, too much drama. Oh well you don't need to anyway they are everywhere, magazines,Internet,Radio and Twitter. The latest Buzz was the recent divorce after only 72 days of being married to Kris Humphries ,now whether it is a publicity or not, the whole thing is CRAZY. Even me writing about it is crazy. But whatever is true,TV plot or not, people love keeping up with the Kardashians.

On the serious note, celebrity marriages,they don't last do they? But why go through the whole thing for nothing. Oh well I don't want to sound so affected lol! If you love the spotlight,you will do what you gotta do to get there. I read an article from a magazine about Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's divorce,that it was for the sake of their kids. Since when is being having divorce parents a better choice for the kids? In the Philippines (at least how I grew up knowing) it is always because of the kids why couples stay married,even if parents sleep in different rooms. It's the sacrifice you have to make as parents. I remember a friend,who was once abused by her husband,I asked her why stay? She said she can't leave because she love her kids,she does not want them growing up without a father. I don't know if there are still stories like that back home, maybe Philippines is now influenced by Hollywood's lifestyle. Oh well, but I don't know why I'm sad. Do I wish I'm a celebrity,yes! sometimes..if you catch my drift!?!?

Too Personal!

This blog is pretty much new, Yes I started it since 2008 but I had only one or two posts back then and I lost interest (got hooked to Facebook,for sure just like many others). It is only this year, about 3 months ago actually that I found out how much I enjoyed blogging. I was wondering if it's okey to write something personal that is too personal, like admitting on the web how much I am struggling within. Admitting it out loud to my self is scary how much more venting it out 'cyberly'. I don't know. I heard it's a good thing to vent on the web and be surprise how much advice you get from people you don't even know. And that you are not alone with your struggle. I don't want to sound like I complain too much, I also know that sometimes friends get tired of listening to the same b#llS*#t you are telling them that all they want to see from you is to finally do something. Sometimes,griping is likely to put you down than giving you benefit,I found that out to be true. Today I want to start a complain-free day and see if I could last a week, NOT- complaining is free anyway.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Our 2011 Halloween

This Years Halloween is the best Halloween night we had so far because of the beautiful weather. I think this was the first time, I didn't freeze to death or got drizzled on. With the exemption that my youngest, bridgybrat is not feeling good. She had a temperature, so she was on a "carry me mommy" mood. Too much candy from Last night.
I have to hide the rest of the candies they got from trick or treating cause I know what is going to happen,they will eat 'em all in one sitting. Went trick or treating today at Tait Avenue, the Los Gatos legendary closed street halloween event, It was crazy crowded.But we are definitely going back there next year. And good thing we came early, we had time to go back trick or treating around our neighborhood where it wasn't as crazy as Tait Avenue. We got better candies too, better means Kitkats and Twixx. Love' em!

By the way,Corrine is wearing Doniella's costume here last year, Bridget is wearing Corrine's little red riding hood costume two years ago. I guess part of the privileges of being the eldest is always getting the new ones. Or until her younger sisters don't yet know how to complain.

I came as my self except for my $2 props, my spider head piece that gave me headache :(

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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