Monday, October 31, 2011

Our 2011 Halloween

This Years Halloween is the best Halloween night we had so far because of the beautiful weather. I think this was the first time, I didn't freeze to death or got drizzled on. With the exemption that my youngest, bridgybrat is not feeling good. She had a temperature, so she was on a "carry me mommy" mood. Too much candy from Last night.
I have to hide the rest of the candies they got from trick or treating cause I know what is going to happen,they will eat 'em all in one sitting. Went trick or treating today at Tait Avenue, the Los Gatos legendary closed street halloween event, It was crazy crowded.But we are definitely going back there next year. And good thing we came early, we had time to go back trick or treating around our neighborhood where it wasn't as crazy as Tait Avenue. We got better candies too, better means Kitkats and Twixx. Love' em!

By the way,Corrine is wearing Doniella's costume here last year, Bridget is wearing Corrine's little red riding hood costume two years ago. I guess part of the privileges of being the eldest is always getting the new ones. Or until her younger sisters don't yet know how to complain.

I came as my self except for my $2 props, my spider head piece that gave me headache :(



gwapaha na ni korina oi..of coz the other two gwapa pud..

♥mommynthree♥ said...

Thanks Che, hand me down ra na pirme intawon. kay no budget this year for their halloween costume. Good thing dili pa kamao mu complain.

Veronica Lee said...

Your girls are adorable! Love the pics!

Happy Weekending!

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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