Friday, November 4, 2011

To all 'Scarf-Challenged' like Me

I was reading Miss Veronica Lee's blog and I came across this post,hope she won't mind me sharing this. You can definitely check her blog " Of Mice and Ramen " you'll love it. I am one of those, or maybe I am the only one who is having a hard time putting on a scarf of any kind. Scarf is a perfect Fall and Winter accessory but wearing it literally feels like I'm being choked. I must be doing it wrong, either scarf is too long,short or my neck is just too short to wear it. I'll go for the latter part.I feel like scarf is not for me. But 'Brrrr' season is approaching and I sure could use one. I enjoyed watching this video, and if you are like me who gave up on scarf, maybe we'll give it one more try. You'll enjoy this video. Great for people like me, or maybe just for me,coz I still think I'm the only one with 'scarf-issues' lol!


Veronica Lee said...

And I thought I was the only one scarf challenged!!!

Thanks for the mention, buddy!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


me too i am scarf challenged! i will be self learning these coming days and this video will help..thanks girl! it's good for the season, its getting cold now.

♥mommynthree♥ said...

@ Veronica- Thank you for visiting my site. I love your blog too. Very Interesting

@ Roche: Is that why I haven't really seen you with scarf? Or I just don't remember. It's challenge for me.


girl that's true. i dont normally wear scarf and most of them are cheap because of the fact I don't know how to use them properly... then a few months ago my cousin gave me this silk scarf from paris and i dont know how to use it. now, with the tutorial im obsessed with styling and got plenty of options! thanks to you

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