Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Yes I had my gallbladder removed last Sunday. I was asleep through out the procedure. The last thing I remember saying was "I have my big diamond rock in my gallbladder" When the nurse asked me if I am wearing any jewelry. It was an immediate decision as I was in so much pain that day. This episode was something I was not able to tolerate cause it lasted longer than usual,I had difficulty breathing,I feel nauseous,feel like vomiting and the aching pain just below my breastbone is killing me. I had episode before where I was brought to the emergency care but for some reason three years ago they didn't find anything and said I was in perfect shape and It was just a case of food poisoning. Released me and ended up owing the county almost 3 grand. That was an awful experienced. Last Sunday was my eldest daughter's birthday,we were supposedly bringing the kids to the park and have dinner at Bucca later on.I felt bad,I ruined her 6th birthday. She loves blowing Bucca's giant birthday candles. I sent Don home,I told him to get her a cake and let her blow her candles and make a wish...I missed it. And there was no picture taken :-(

I forgot to call my husband,I told him I will let him know if it's time...I was alone in the hospital,I was alone when they did the surgery. I woke up with my Friends in the room with me,but I vaguely remember things.The next day,I woke up with gas pain. The very reason why I came to the emergency was because i had this episode.And they said I could go home that day if I wanted to.I told the nurses I am going to stay until they do something to relieve the pain. It took me around 10 pm that day to pass gas,what a painful agony.I was very sore moving and especially sitting right after the procedure,getting up is so painful now cause I chose not to take vicodine for pain,my belly button was the sorest but the 3 small ones wont even be noticeable soon. This is my fifth surgery,I hope the number stops right there.I don't know if my body will be able to handle another one.

High Cholesterol diet is the main caused of gallstone and the toxic in the environment as well. I guessed from now on,I have to totally change my diet as I read on some articles that with no gallbladder I will be more sensitive to some food. I wish I didn't do research and browse on the internet when I came home today cause it drove me crazy for a little bit. Now I have thoughts that maybe my decision of removing my gallbladder was totally wrong. That I could have considered a natural remedy of removing my gallstone.I do have an option of cleaning up my diet, doing some work on my gallbladder. But It's too late.I have high hopes that my digestion be perfect afterwards,, to be pain free, gas free, bloat-free and to be able to eat whatever I like.Cause at one point even a glass of water gives me gas,weird I know. Hair loss is one of the many symptoms of gallstones,maybe after this I would have my luscious jet black hair back.

Quite A Week That Was. Thursday we were shaken by the news that my father in law had a heart attack.Thank God he is fine and recuperating back home. Saturday, My husband found out that the day before his friend died when a pre-gas mixture blew around 4 p.m at his work place at Menlo Park. My husband was deeply sadden by the news. They are supposed to meet that day to check out the place where his daughter (an amazing pianist) will perform. please read the news,Here is the link: http://www.mercurynews.com/peninsula/ci_18816617

What a week indeed,This whole experienced made me appreciate my life more,I was in a room where I can hear patients moaning and crying from so much pain,worried faces of family members,concern and loving friends,caring nurses and hospital personnel. I appreciate my husband more and all his speeches about healthy eating,I love how he dresses up the girls with mix-match clothes that made our girls look more adorable when they visited me at the hospital. I love how I know he worries about me but don't really want me to see it. I love the flowers that Stella gave me caused they are purple and yellow,I love receiving calls from concern loving friends. I am lucky to be alive. I am lucky I have WHO I have in my life. I couldn't ask for more.

I will keep you posted on my recovery from this surgery with the hope that if you are suffering from gallstone symptoms the thought of it being removed won't scare you. see you soon! cheers to my faster recovery caused I would love to go back running.

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