Saturday, October 8, 2011

Corrine: "Don't mess with me!"

Found this old picture of my Korina,so cool!She was really pissed here. So beware! lol! I love my Korina too much!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Running from the past

Authored by Rickey Combs

I just moved to a new place. It is on the complete opposite side of the state and I don’t know anyone or where anything is. I am starting to understand what it would feel like to be a lost little puppy. I moved from my old town because I needed a change. I had made some wrong decisions and been around the wrong crowd. It seemed that no matter where I turned I was running into people who would bring up the past. I decided I needed to get as far away from my past as I could. My new place is fine. It is really nothing special. I almost have all the utilities hooked up and I am only waiting on a reply from Once that is complete, everything will be done. I wish I loved the place or the town, but it is what it is. I needed a change and this is a definite change. I am hoping to meet the neighbors soon and start making friends. I just have to be sure not to end up on the same path I was. I am hoping I have learned from all my past mistakes and will never repeat them.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The "F" Word

Some one is Sorry! hmmmp?!!

Are you a forgiver or do you struggle with this idea? Last night at the prayer meeting the topic was about FORGIVING. That the Bible teaches forgiving others is a prerequisite for God to forgive us. It seems unreasonable sometimes.Other times, I just don't know how and where to start. And staying mad takes a lot of my energy,it's something I can't hide. I get a lot of Stress Zits and it's driving me nuts! It is something I'm struggling with,My heart wants to do it but my mind is not letting go. Or whoever is controlling my little mind,lol. I've read a lot of self help books,inspiring quotes,even words of wisdom friends gave me but it is really one thing about me I can't control.Even after all the apologies,it will flare up again coming from nowhere. My marriage is mostly affected by this attitude. I'm hoping it's just a phase,that my hormones is the culprit. I don't want it to be me or my character.

And for my mental sake,I know I have to do something about it.Because I know that it does not cause much pain on that someone as I cause my self by holding onto that hurt. I know forgiveness like many other hardness in life, is a process.I may say now that is not for me because I am still hurting,the good thing I learned is that you can forgive and not associate yourself with that person again.This will prevent you from being hurt again by that person.( aysusss,Divorce ba etu kapatid?, and chaka naman kung ganun ang drama!)

Monday, October 3, 2011

♫... Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage....♫

My husband's older brother got married yesterday at his church or congregation I may say called Center for Spiritual Living.It is the most interesting wedding ceremony I've seen so far and I wish to be invited to another unique,fun yet romantic wedding like this someday. The ceremony started with a song by the band called, ♫ Love and Marriage ♫ by Frank Sinatra.And they asked everyone,all the guests to sing along. The bride walked down the isle while the band sings ♫ " At Last " ♫ by Etta James,it was beautiful. My favorite part,actually I have two favorite parts in the ceremony first was when the person who officiated the wedding,don't know if they call him Pastor there, read the love letters the bride and groom wrote for each other. I was getting a little weepy but I remember I used not a water proof mascara. So I tried so hard not to cry but if you know me you know I did anyway, found my self reaching for the kleenex box the church provided below the chairs.Thank goodness! I love most of all the brides love letter to the groom, so full of respect and love towards her groom. My second favorite part was when the pastor or however they call him, gave the newly weds each roses and explained what it symbolizes. He said we all have moments of being married where we said things we didn't mean to each other and words meant to be spoken yet so hard to say. If that happens make sure you have an empty vase in your house so if moments like this happen who ever said something he/she is not supposed to say,or he/she can't say what they both need to and have to say to each other should put a single rose on the empty vase to remind them of how their vows,their marriage should come first in spite of everything.The bride and groom walked out of the church to Queen's ♫ Another One Bites The Dust ♫.

That is one adorable cake- simple it is but it tasted so gooood!

It is not just a wedding but a Family reunion for my husband's family.It's been years that all the siblings are together in a family gathering like this. This is also My first time to meet three of D's siblings Marianne,Suzie and Paul. Since I am away from home and D too,we never have relatives that live close by. I am excited more for my kids to meet their dada's siblings,they live back East closer to where my In-laws live. And I would also love them to meet their cousins someday. Saturday I met Marianne,I talked to her on the phone before and I knew then I am and my girls are going to love her. And I am right,She is such a sweetheart just like what my mother in law said she'll be. Now I wish she lives close by. Yesterday I met Suzie and Paul and His wife Mary Margarette for the first time. Never really had a chance to talk to them both. But I'm sure I'm going to love them too.

I am sure that Mom and Dad are the happiest they got to see their kids together again after so many years. I am overwhelmed myself, made me miss my siblings back in the Philippines,I haven't seen them in six years. So happy for their parents caused like what mom said it may never happen again or who knows when?

I would like to end this post by sharing with you the song they played in the ceremony,Dave (The Groom) played the piano and the singer is so amazing. I just ran out of space from my memory card so I didn't record it but I'm glad I found this on YouTube. I first heard this song just yesterday,can't believe I haven't heard this song. Yes,I fell in love!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laugh Out Loud : Corrine's Collection of Jokes er not.....

Corrine is my 4 yr old Sweetest brat ever,I love her and you would too...

1. After my surgery,I put pillow on my stomach when I sleep to protect myself from my kids jumping all over me.

Corrine: You look like pregnant Mommy!
Me : Yes,sweetie I am,so be careful with my tummy okey coz I'm having a
Corrine: No you're not,you are having a pillow!

2. I asked Corrine to pick up the cards on the floor that Bridget spread all over,She started reading them cards to me, the numbers,then the Kings and Queens,Then she saw the Joker and said.

Corrine: Look mom, J for a joke!
Me: that's right sweetie but it is not a joke,it's called the joker.
Corrine: Oh,the joker! so he is the one who tells..why did the chicken cross
the road?

3. Corrine : knock knock mom!
Me: Who is there?
Corrine: Phone
Me: Phone who?
Corrine :Phone I'm glad you didn't call me.
Me: ( pretending to laugh )
Corrine: I know it's not funny mom! it's your turn.
Me: but I don't have a knock knock joke.
Corrine: do the Lettuce one,it's not funny but I'll laugh!

4. Corrine : I love you mommy, but I don't like the spike on your " Kili "
(lesson learned: don't forget to shave your under arm)

5. While putting make up on,Corrine said "What are you doing mom?"
Mom: What you you think Sweetie?
Corrine: Are you making your skin look white just like us?
Mom : Maybe
Corrine : But I like you you look funny your face is white but your
legs are brown!
Mom: Ouch!
(Lesson Learned: find the perfect foundation that matches your skin lol)

6. My kids love asking questions (who didn't right) So Corrine asked me why I was at the hospital for days, ( read my older post about my surgery pls!) I said because the doctors took a rock in my tummy from eating too much ice cream. I guess she remembers because we always have this conversation.
Corrine: Mom,guess what is my favorite ice cream?
Me: hmmm,strawberry?
Corrine: Nope,I love chocolate! ( it's true she is a chocolate monster)
What is your favorite ice cream?
Me: Rocky road. I love Rocky road!
Corrine: But mom,renember? (she does say it that way,renember) I don't want to
bring you to the HOSTI-BILL (hospital) again and be there forever and
ever. I will miss you mom! so change your favorite please get Vanilla
instead.It does not have rocks in them.

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