Sunday, October 2, 2011

Laugh Out Loud : Corrine's Collection of Jokes er not.....

Corrine is my 4 yr old Sweetest brat ever,I love her and you would too...

1. After my surgery,I put pillow on my stomach when I sleep to protect myself from my kids jumping all over me.

Corrine: You look like pregnant Mommy!
Me : Yes,sweetie I am,so be careful with my tummy okey coz I'm having a
Corrine: No you're not,you are having a pillow!

2. I asked Corrine to pick up the cards on the floor that Bridget spread all over,She started reading them cards to me, the numbers,then the Kings and Queens,Then she saw the Joker and said.

Corrine: Look mom, J for a joke!
Me: that's right sweetie but it is not a joke,it's called the joker.
Corrine: Oh,the joker! so he is the one who tells..why did the chicken cross
the road?

3. Corrine : knock knock mom!
Me: Who is there?
Corrine: Phone
Me: Phone who?
Corrine :Phone I'm glad you didn't call me.
Me: ( pretending to laugh )
Corrine: I know it's not funny mom! it's your turn.
Me: but I don't have a knock knock joke.
Corrine: do the Lettuce one,it's not funny but I'll laugh!

4. Corrine : I love you mommy, but I don't like the spike on your " Kili "
(lesson learned: don't forget to shave your under arm)

5. While putting make up on,Corrine said "What are you doing mom?"
Mom: What you you think Sweetie?
Corrine: Are you making your skin look white just like us?
Mom : Maybe
Corrine : But I like you you look funny your face is white but your
legs are brown!
Mom: Ouch!
(Lesson Learned: find the perfect foundation that matches your skin lol)

6. My kids love asking questions (who didn't right) So Corrine asked me why I was at the hospital for days, ( read my older post about my surgery pls!) I said because the doctors took a rock in my tummy from eating too much ice cream. I guess she remembers because we always have this conversation.
Corrine: Mom,guess what is my favorite ice cream?
Me: hmmm,strawberry?
Corrine: Nope,I love chocolate! ( it's true she is a chocolate monster)
What is your favorite ice cream?
Me: Rocky road. I love Rocky road!
Corrine: But mom,renember? (she does say it that way,renember) I don't want to
bring you to the HOSTI-BILL (hospital) again and be there forever and
ever. I will miss you mom! so change your favorite please get Vanilla
instead.It does not have rocks in them.


Iris said...

Kids are the best joker around...i love their jokes it's natural and definitely tickles our bones.


ka alegre ba ni korina

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