Friday, December 14, 2012

My Christmas Wish

Well, It is definitely not for myself but for Families in Connecticut that were victims of this unexpected tragedy this morning. I wish for them to have more strength to endure the pain it caused them. It is definitely a life changing experience to the victims family, their friends, the kids in Sandy Hook Elementary, the whole community and for the officers who first responded and even for us who are just watching the news. It's not your ordinary breaking news. As a mother of three beautiful girls, two of them are in school (kindergarten and 2nd grade) I fear for my kids's safety, It's sad that a supposedly safe place for your kids to learn is not safe after all. I am left speechless and wanting more answers....why? kids are defenseless, their lives were taken away selfishly by someone who probably does not even deserve his own life. Why is it that these mass killers go for innocent ones, why? why not go out and mass kill the bad people, since you're so tough and insane, go for your fellow insane individual, instead of those who does not have an opportunity to defend themselves like kindergarteners for pete's sake!? It's just a thought.

Stories like this, no one will really know why things like this happens, why pain is inflicted, even after thorough investigations, even after questions are answered of why? how? who? tragedies like this will forever left unanswered. So to those people who believe in Prayers continue praying and to those who are not think of happy,joyful thoughts! I wish there was more to say. I'm looking at my girls right now, I definitely held them longer gave them kisses and hug them when I got home. I deeply wish for The  parents of this tragic event to hold on to their faith and choose not Hate but to celebrate the lives of your children. May you have peace at some point. My heart hurts for you! R.I.P little Angels!!!

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