Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Too Personal!

This blog is pretty much new, Yes I started it since 2008 but I had only one or two posts back then and I lost interest (got hooked to Facebook,for sure just like many others). It is only this year, about 3 months ago actually that I found out how much I enjoyed blogging. I was wondering if it's okey to write something personal that is too personal, like admitting on the web how much I am struggling within. Admitting it out loud to my self is scary how much more venting it out 'cyberly'. I don't know. I heard it's a good thing to vent on the web and be surprise how much advice you get from people you don't even know. And that you are not alone with your struggle. I don't want to sound like I complain too much, I also know that sometimes friends get tired of listening to the same b#llS*#t you are telling them that all they want to see from you is to finally do something. Sometimes,griping is likely to put you down than giving you benefit,I found that out to be true. Today I want to start a complain-free day and see if I could last a week, NOT- complaining is free anyway.

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Tess Davidson said...

Thanks for following me, I just returned the favor. Your blog is great. I think it's absolutely okay to gripe on blogs. I personally appreciate when people complain but also mention how they fixed the problem, then hopefully I can learn from it :)

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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