Friday, October 28, 2011

Getting even? Who taught you that?

My two year old just hit me in the forehead, of course it hurts and I am the only one to blame :-(

Well,She usually does it with objects, when something hurts her. She come to me every time she bumped into something and always want to me to hit it back.

Like for example she bump on the table, she would want me to spank the table back and say "bad table huh? it hurt you,you bad table you!" and to anything that hurts her. She always tell me what her sisters did to her and she would want me to reprimand them. So to soothe her hurt little ego, mommy gave in. I'll pretend I hit the object back, the stuff that hurt her. Although I know you are not supposed to say " No, hitting!" to your kid and yet you do it right? Mommy mistake # 101 ( Oh and I do have a lot!). One day, her lips hit my head ( hit it pretty hard too) while playing with her. She cried and asked me to kiss her boo-boo, so I did. I said sorry to her, that it was just an accident but then out of nowhere after she stopped crying, slapped my forehead. Hard! I was caught unaware,so she hit my right eye pretty good. It was painful but what are you gonna do? She learned it from me I guess, internalized what I've been doing to those objects that hurt her and did it to me. Time to change huh? Yes.


*** That is my little drawing up there by the way,thought I tried :)

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