Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bedtime Stories Revised

My kids especially Korin and BridgyBrat love to be one of the characters in their bedtime stories. So I have to come up with one that have three characters or two and have their names as the lead. It's hard because it usually is just one main character ( "Bida" ) in stories. If I read Cinderella to them, either one of them wants to be the stepsisters. But there can't be three Cinderellas right? or I could be wrong. They all want to be the main character and Funny how I always end up as the villain,either the wicked Queen or the nasty Stepmother. And according to my 4 yr old,since I am Filipina and I'm brown I could be Princess Tiana.

I have to do something because I want them to have a good night sleep and not end up fighting for who is who and stayed up late. So I came up with my own story...
"Once upon a time,in a far away kingdom there live three beautiful Princesses name Korin,Bridget and Doniella and they all love to dance. The king and the Queen gave them each magic shoes to help them be the best dancer in the whole is purple magic shoes,one is pink and one is Yellow. One day the magic shoes are gone,it's not where they put them last...ah,ohhh......"
That's how the story starts,or that is the introduction,it is basically about their search to find their missing magic shoes...then I incorporate plots from their favorite fairy tales or cartoons on how the characters their stole their shoes. It's been working,they listen attentively and giggles and sometimes ask for one more adventure. Their Favorite so far, is when donkey stole their magic shoes to give to Shrek and Fiona's babies.Whew!that one was a fun adventure for both me and my girls.

Tonight I will have Flynn Rider steal Korin's magic shoes to give to Rapunzel,She specifically asked for it last night. Korin is my 4 yr old co-writer. Her imagination is million times better than mine anyway.

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Bev said...

Love this post...bedtime stories can really be challenging at times. But with the help of the little kiddos themselves, it might be just more fun. :)
Thanks for sharing. It inspired me to write more about my own son. We cannot turn back the time but we can always hit the blog pages. :)

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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