Saturday, October 22, 2011

Out of the Blue, I'm feeling Blue :-(

I wonder why? It's a gorgeous day today,perfect weather actually. Not too hot,not too cold and here I am feeling Blue! Like literally the garbage can under my table is full of tissue paper from me crying just because. It's one of those day we're you wish your hormones are to be blame but not really. It's just that I feel so tired,scared,overwhelmed by life itself. I feel like I've been hit by buckets of lemons and I can't find the right concoction for my lemonade to be palatable. Hahhhh! life!!!
I really need someone to talk to but I don't wanna dump my same old sentiments to my friends. It'll be unfair! I wish my Bestfriend Faye is just a "tricycle ride" away. I miss her so much! I wish Yehleen ( my lil sister ) lives nearby, I sure could use a big hug.

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