Friday, October 21, 2011

Bridgy Brats Vocabulary

My 25 month old babydoll's list of words as of today. She is definitely getting there.

1. Mama and dada = mom and dad,we tried helping her say
daddy or mommy but she simply does not want to.
2. Ha! mama. = she means Hot or it could also mean let's Hide momma.
3. Buh! = meaning stop it or No!
4. Shue = Shoes
5. Hewow = Hello. We were at the park yesterday,she was playing peek-a-boo with
her Dada.She giggles and saying hewo to him it was so fun to watch.

as of 10/08/11

1.haw = house
2. aw! = dog

as of 10/21/11

1. Boo-boo - for her boo-boo
2. u huh how - but how
3. out - get out!
4. Nana - for calling her grannie in the Philippines
5. in da! - The End!

* She Now knows how to sing the Lady Gaga song Bad Romance and it goes a lil something like this...
" Mama..ah ah ahh,Dada Ah...ah ..ahh,mmmm ma...mans!!"
Yay! mommy so happy,we don't want to be super worried but I guess,it is but natural to be concern. My mother in-law said she didn't talk till she was 3 and she never stop since then lol! That is what we are hoping for.

here is a video of her attempting to interpret the little mermaid's song....enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That's so cute! It's amazing how parents and/or people who take care of toddlers understand what they're saying when no one else does. I'm with you on being slightly worried about when the kid's going to talk but you know, there's nothing to worry about, really. My mother-in-law said her sister didn't talk 'til she was 4 and they thought she had a speech problem or something - turned her sister just "had nothing to say to them" at that time. After she spoke, she never stopped since. My son, also about the same age as your little one has a few words in his vocabulary as well - some, if not most of them, only we could understand. One thing is for sure: he knows how to say "Eat!" when he'a hungry and he'll take your hand and direct you to the kitchen. :)


hala wow ani.. keep it up bridget! i cant wait to hear you sing full blasts! ahhaha

Faye Ponce said...

nakakatuwa naman bes,im so proud're really a GREAT mother!

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