Friday, May 4, 2012

my pretty Flower girls

We were invited to a friends Wedding last Saturday.The Bride was so beautiful and so was her groom. Perfect for each other. We had fun,the food was awesome and the girls had a blast and oh, meet the fLower girls...none other than My babyDolls! I love them so much! I ordered their dresses on line and what an awful experience it was. I wouldn't recommend the site because their costumer service sucks. These flower girls' dresses were altered by a good friend Naomi and if not because of her my girls are gonna look like $#**, or i'll end up paying a lot of money. :(
This Little Cutie thinks she is one of the flower girls too coz the groom's mom mistakenly handed her a basket of flowers and yes she cried when it taken away from her and given to the real flower girl :) Maybe next wedding sweetie, Tita Ninang Aida's wedding perhaps?
** me and the bride ** I love my dress, I ordered it from Macy's for only $19.99 yes, I love bargain!

This is how the dress came to us. Too Long, too big too stressful to look at, I could literally wear it if not of the waistline.

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Mark said...

Those are little cuties! Good thing you have a good friend to repair those dresses. I love how the flowers looked like from the back.

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