Friday, September 16, 2011

What age is better for a child to start a violin lesson?

She is learning violin at the age of 5,She just turned 6 and it seems that she is losing interest already.Early on she asked to play violin,though we bought her her first violin when she was just 1 yr old,she didn't really start learning until three months ago.

It takes a lot of PATIENCE teaching her because she's a very impatient kid who has a short attention span for her age who can't endure even 10 minutes of practice. I am weighing on thoughts that maybe it's something she does not like to do,that we should stop, but she happens to be good at it. Both my husband and Father- in-law play violin,and they both think that it comes naturally with Elle. I just wish she'll pay more attention. We started her lesson last Wednesday with a professional violin teacher and my husband said she did really good. I'm surprised.

She is a very active kid,with a very outgoing personality.She can stay at the park for one whole day,skate, or be at the little gym without complaining she is tired but Violin practice is different.Five minutes of practice and she'll complain she is tired.I don't want to force it or force her to practice,she might hate it and I don't want her to be left with a permanently sour taste for music. My husband sometimes forces her and I can see how it wasn't fun for her at all.But we are trying to teach her discipline,that no matter what instrument she plays she needs to practice. On this photo she looked like she was about to cry :(



madam lisod og pugson nimo.. maybe she has some other talent na wala pa ma discover. it will come to her... pag gamay nako i started with a guitar and no matter how i tried loving it di jud nako feel. but i end up liking the piano lessons. so maybe she has some other instruments nga gusto pero maybe la pa sya kahibaw.

♥mommynthree♥ said...

lagi Chay,muhilak man pirme oi.maluoy ko but I know she likes doing it but the situation man gud she sees her sisters playing unya siya magpraktis murag malain ba siya.

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