Monday, December 5, 2011

Some Things I'm learning from my kids and other kids....

1. Say "Cheese and Sprinkles" instead of saying "Jesus Christ!" and her reasons? you wouldn't believe her reasons behind. - from Doniella. my 6 yr old.

2. That it's okey to wear read socks if you wearing an open toes sandals. It actually looks good.- from Doniella

Kid: Mom,this one is too expensive don't even try it on!
Mom: But I like it honey!
Kid: look mom,it's 100 and zero,zero. We can't afford it right?
- over heard

a kid talking
to her mom at
Macy's fitting
Lesson: don't try on something you can't afford, lol!

Boy: Dad,do you know who Michael Korrs is?
Dad: I don't, do you?
Boy: He is a guy you know.
- A Kid to his Dad looking at
a Michael Korrs Shirt.

Lesson: Get to know the designer of the shirt you're thinking of buying.

5. Korin, my middle child is a one accident prone kid like me. She gets Boo-boo at least 4- 6 times a day or more. So I'm always ready with kisses but lately she's asking for not just kisses but hugs telling me " It hurts more so I need a Hug Mom...Kisses are for little boo-boos!"

Lesson : Kiss can't take all the pain away sometimes we'll get better faster with a big hug!

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