Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Talk: Bridget's Vocabulary

Additional New Words of Bridget As of 11/12/11

1. Puh-pol - Purple
2. Bul - Blue
3. Puh-puh - the Number 2, lol

as of 11/26

1. Dada hop hop- When she saw her dad limping ( dad injured his foot )
2. up - yay! she knows how to say up.
3. wan- number one
4. toh - number two

as of 11/30

1. wet - wet
2. tow - cold
3. tats - tights
4. top - blouse/shirt or top
5. pop pop - popcorn

as of 12/11

1. mama wash - when she wants to watch TV
2. wap - wipe
3. hun - hand

Her vocabulary is rapidly developing so all my previous worries are gone.


a mommy's lifestyle said...

Haha, how cute! I'm a new follower from MBC. :)

sweetheart said...

too cute

newest follower from MBC

Poppin' Cents said...

So cute! Kids at this age are great:-) I have 2 girls. They are 7 & 2. I enjoy having conversations with my 2 year old everyday. She really makes me laugh.

First time visiting your blog:-) I am following you on google friend connect. Hope you can visit my blog when you get a chance. Have a great weekend:-) Poppin' Cents

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