Saturday, December 17, 2011

Not again!?!

My heart breaks when I heard the news that again my country, the Philippines has been hit by a devastating natural calamity killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands homeless. Not again!?! We have not completely recovered from the previous ones yet and here we are again. I can't help but asked WHY?

I can't stop crying when I saw this photo of a father holding his daughter on his hand. It's heart breaking! It's something that you wouldn't wish to happen to anyone even to your worst enemy.

My heart goes to the people who lost their love ones, who's lives are never going to be the same. The sad part is that knowing our government? and how slow everything works, I don't think these people are going to be helped anytime soon. The saddest part is it's Christmas, how are these people going to celebrate the holidays? It'll be so hard to move on, but knowing us Filipinos and with our strong faith to God we'll stand up again from this trial. The help may not all come from the Government (cause it's impossible) there will be a lot of private citizens and organizations that will lend a helping hand. We'll get through this.

Read this link Storms pound Philippines in the thick of night, kill at least 436 and watch this video.

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momto8 said...

oh my goodnes...what a picture. Our Lady is with your people!

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