Tuesday, January 24, 2012

..♫...♫ parents just don't understand♫ ...♫ ♫

" But you don't understand mom! you don't understand anything!!! "
I expect to hear this from a 16 yr old not from a 6 year old. I can't believe my 6 yr old said these words to me. Aaarggh! It all started with the a conversation I had with her regarding one of her classmate who happens to upset her a couple of times. She told me how much she doesn't like this boy because he is not nice to her. So as a mom, it concerns me. It sure looks like it bothers her. I don't like her being bully, who does right? So I told her to tell her teacher what's going on or I would, if this boy is making her feel uncomfortable she has to let her teacher know. And guess what she said to me...? " But you don't understand mom! you don't understand anything!!! " OMG! really? What is there that I miss and don't understand? Can you imagine her at 16?

The day before that, I tried picking clothes for her like I always do in the morning,ended up hearing her say.."I hate that top Mom" Of course I asked why? it was a cute top. She said" you don't get it mom,it made me look weird!" What??? Really again...? But my love you are just 6,it doesn't matter yet..."But mom...!!!" And there you go, I gave in ,let her pick her own clothes that day.

Can time stop for a minute,she's growing up so fast and it's scary I can't stop it. My lil babydoll is growing up too fast that really, I'm scared to wake up one day that her choices in life are things I don't "GET" and that I wouldn't be able to understand her.

Found this video on Utube,not really a fan of this style of music.


A*Designed said...

I have a boy and we haven't hit this stage yet but I'm waiting. I'm sure it is just around the corner!! Ahh! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog -- you should def. try the monkey bread!

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Mark said...

There are really times when kids tend to act like they know everything. I try to be as polite and talk to my kids about the issue.

I love comments, I do I do!!!

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