Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'm a mess ;-(

Even Sitting down here in front of my computer hurts,so I will make this post very short. I pulled muscle on my lower back. My back is somewhat twisted.I was holding a bag of grocery on my left hand and Bridget asked me to pick her up so I did.Picked her up with my right hand,I didn't feel any pain except for a little tweak on my right hips,I do it all the time. The next day I couldn't stand up,can't get out of our bed.It hurts like hell but the pain is on the left side forcing my upper body to lean to the right. I'm not blaming Bridgy Brat, i love her so much. I wonder if I injured my back while sleeping if that could be possible.I am now walking like this poor guy right here. It has me pretty worried.

After 3 pregnancies,and carrying kids for 6 yrs almost back pain is not new to me.I always had little or minor incidents of back pain but it never give me this kind of pain.I feel like my lower back shifted to the left and my upper body is compensating so it wants to move against where my torso is heading.

I hate Chiropractor so I won't ever try to see one.I hate taking pain pills coz me and drugs are best enemies. Even when I had my C-sections and Laparoscopy I refused to take drugs for pain. I'm a wimp believe me,biggest one that is,I can't handle pain,any pain. But with this one I probably will consider muscle relaxing pill,that's not Vicodin right?I hope.

Don brought the girls to the church,I am so proud of him. This whole incident didn't stop him from going today.I would love to go but I can't walk straight and it really hurts. I miss them already.Hope he could handle three wiggly worms at the church.

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sorry to hear..hope you feel better! i know how it feels like kay naa pud ko ani. ang akoa kay shoulder. if i carry heavy stuff nga di jud nako kaya nya mag super woman ko motukar jud

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