Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School's Fun Walk

This is the second time my daughter participated at her school's annual Fun Walk and she always loved it. It is a fundraising event,the goal is to collect $150.00 per child. The weather is perfect today but enough for the kids to shed some sweat. Last year she did a total of 16 laps and this year she did the same although the track is now longer for graders.

They're warming up here!

I asked her to drink a little bit of water after her first lap.

The DJ is so cool too,he played cool songs you can dance with all throughout the event. Korin keeps telling me, "Oh Mom,that's your song!"

she is starting to get tired here,was looking for the 'Orange Slices' station for some energy booster.

I asked her to slow down coz she's been running like a horse,told her she could walk it's a Fun Walk after all!

"Popsicle ice pop please" they deserved it! well done kids! Well done my darling Elle! It overflowed with Popsicles I guess,coz even her two sisters got one each.yay!happy campers!

cheers to the teachers and Parents who volunteered for making this year's Fun for the kids and successful! Oh and I did get a popsicle too...chocolate!

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