Monday, August 22, 2011

First day as First grader

She'll be six next month,how time flies like an arrow they say,We now have a first grader. She was so excited,went to bed early last night without fighting us. This morning was a little different story because she eats very slow,usually takes 30 minutes for one little piece of french toast.So instead of walking her to school,we we're force to wake up her sisters so we all could go drive her to school.Why? cause I am not driving till now. and I don't think I will ,ever! It was warm today,I walked to school to pick her up. I do think she had fun,four of her former kindergarten classmates are in her class. Her bff's were not though,She was sad the first time she found out that she won't be with them but was excited when I told her crush is on the same class and she will get to meet new ones. I wish it's the same thing with me,socializing and making new friends are not my specialty. Aside from one little thing,oh yeah her nose bled on the first day,everythng went well. Looking forward to new playdates,birthday parties and school socials with my babydoll!

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