Sunday, August 21, 2011

Siesta Time? Music time!

Just one of those afternoons Im missing back siesta time after lunch with Nora Jones on the background and easy listening tunes on my radio. I haven't done this in a long time. loving it so far!Hubby is out with Elle and the two girls are quietly playing in their room together. I'll be damn,it doesnt happen all the time. So here we go turn the music loud baby! Moments like these make me miss my fm-radio days so much and pretty soon I will find myself shutting the music off because the nostalgic feel is killing me. I can't believe that something I got tired of doing back then, gives me this feeling of loneliness. That right now i'm wishing i'll be given another chance to do again,here, there or somewhere. I miss my 1 o'clock time slot,Tracy Chapman all the way. Music back then gives me the high.It helped me go through so many pains,broken hearts and failed expectations. Music was my escape, our FM booth was my cave,the listeners were my joy! The likes of Allure,Tony Braxtons,Nora Jones are my best pals. uh oh, time to turn my background music off ...errr should I just change it to a more upbeat songs? cool!

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