Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey: Fully Charged

Barnum & Bailey is known as the “greatest show on Earth” and I would not question that for one second.That's why we went to see it again. The production is spectacular,The performers are very talented without a doubt. I was truly fascinated and so is Doniella and Corrine,our Bridget is a whole different story though because she, I think is not ready for any show. The loud sound at HP Pavilion bothers her for sure, It was too overwhelming for her as it was at most part to me. My most favorite part is,The Fernandez Brothers's double wheels steel,I think they're great. Im terrified with clowns so that part was okey with me,didn't really pay attention plus I have a wiggly worm on my lap,so i missed those parts. And,WARNING: ALL THE TOYS AND ANY KIND OF FOOD IS EXTREMELY EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE...geez,$12 for a bag of cotton candy and $10 for a lemonade..told my daughters I could buy a lemon tree with it's price.

I didn't really care about the ring master,I think his voice is too generic.I thought he was boring too, I heard he is from the bay area though,San Jose right? sorry It's just me and my humble opinion...I think the ring master from Zing Zang Zoom was the best by far.

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