Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Yes,she is a cutie and I love her with all my heart.She is a super smart little baby,she even knows how to operate my Evo Android phone more than her dad but she is not talking yet,everything is aah..aahh. ooh,uh,ngek ngek! It's cute but as a mom it worries me.
My Mother in law said she started talking when she was three so maybe it's in the genes huh? But I'm still worried,my babydoll is turning two this Aug.29 and she only knows the words momma and not so much dada. She call everybody momma,even her sisters.
It's tough for us because lately she is showing how frustrated she is by not being able to communicate so she does the 'screaming on top of her lungs' action which is driving everybody crazy. I remember my second child started talking when she was 14 months old and so is our eldest.And I was actually expecting her to talk earlier because she had her big sisters to talk to. hmmm,I guess in our case that theory is proven wrong.
Her pediatrician actually told us that there is nothing to worry about, to be patient that she will start talking when she wants to, so far she sees nothing alarming. That everything is normal as far as her medical chart is.

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