Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday is now my favorite day!

"I love fridays! " now I understand the phrase much more. I've been a stay at home mom for almost six years now. It is not easy having three girls but to see them happy, growing up so smart and growing up loving me more and more,it is worth it! Today is friday and I want to let you know that I survived my eldest's first week as first grader.Yehey! Waking up 6:45 am to get her and everything ready,walking her to school and doing my 30 minute run afterwards.It helped that there are no homeworks yet,I'm sure it'll be different when it starts coming. Kindergarten days were different,she was in an 11:15-2:30 class. So she and I could stay up late at night and sleep in till 9 am usually. This whole week was full of struggles. From putting her to sleep earlier than 10 pm,what snacks she want to bring to school so she won't take them back home untouched,what clothes to wear and her 'eating slow like a snail' in the morning. Oh boy,I love her but sometimes I wish I have a magic wand and just say bibidi-babidi-boo. And everything falls into pieces.

I'm excited for my Elle,I expect so many things.I would like to see her develop socially and be a leader not a follower and academically of course, to love Math as much as I love it when I was still in school. To excell more in reading,cause she tends to get lazy half the time. To be able to balance playing and studying because now she only wants to play and play all day. I would also love to see her pick up her violin without us forcing her to do it. To instill in her the love of music,the respect and love for others no matter how different they are. I'm just glad that this class she is in right now is more diverse,I wouldn't want her to come home one day ( or again )and start asking me why I am different and why my skin is brown unlike other moms and that of her firends.
I am also excited to meet new parents,that this time I promise my self to learn how to say Hello and socialize and get to meet other parents,who knows I might end up having new friends. I need to,it's for my daughters' sake.Hers and my growth and development,afterall It's a small world.

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