Monday, November 28, 2011

...The Randomness Of Me ...

So how was your day? ---- So far, not that good. My first grader has to skip school today coz she is not feeling good. Mr. Cough go away soon will you? please?!?

Really.What are you doing tomorrow?----No plans yet, the usual stuff,home chores and chores and chores.

Are you crushing on anyone? ----Nah,too old for that.

If So what is their name? ---- Mr. No one

What school do you go to? ---- I wish to go back to school soon if money and time permit!

Do you consider yourself fashionable? ----No, I wear what's comfortable even if it's so last year lol!

Are you a copy cat?
----No, cause I believe that what looks good on other people may not be for you.

Have you called someone a copy cat? ---- Oh yes!

But anyway who is your favorite atrist/Band
---- Bruno Mars as of now.

Whats your favorite song by them? ---- It will rain,Count on me,Grenade and so on....

Do you believe in love? ---Of course I do!

Has your heart been broken?
--- Yes!

Do you want your ex back? --- NO!

What are you doing right now? ---- Answering this survey and I don't have any clue why I'm doing this.

When was the last time you cried? --- Last week!

Have you ever cried during a movie? --- All the's embarrassing sometimes :)

What is your favorite show to watch with your children? --- Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, And The movie ' Gnomeo and Juliet ' which by the way, they super love!!!

What is your favorite memory from your children?---- Their birth dates, It was the hardest for me. I had 3 C-Sections and it was not easy like some of us were told. I had two breech babies that was why I can't have them natural

Have you ever been to family counseling?
--- Almost.

Did you give something up or quit something in your life in order to have a family? --- Yes. Coming to America and being away from my family and friends. Giving up the job that I love there.

Are you at the place you thought you would be when you grew up? --- Not really. And by that I mean, I never really dream of living abroad or away from the Philippines.

Will you tell your kids what to wear or will you let them pick out their own clothes? --- as of now yes,with the young ones. I'm taking this opportunity that they're still young. Coz pretty soon I won't be able to do it like with my eldest.

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