Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where are these babies?

It feels like yesterday, what happen to them? Where are my babies?

- Doniella was barely crawling here in this photo,now she is 6, can't stop her from growing and how time flies, Where is my baby Della?!

- This photo was taken when Korin was just 7 months old, She is now 4 yr old. Almost everyone thought she is a baby boy cause of my color choices back then but she's growing up to be a beautiful little girl.

My little two yr old Bridget was just 7 month old here too. I love my bridgeybrat so much.

I miss them when they were little babies, I miss their smell,nursing,babytalk,cooing,diaper bags ...etc. I miss everything about babyhood,even those moments that took my sanity away for a little while like the long nights lol. They grow up to fast.

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a mommy's lifestyle said...

I'm feeling exactly how you are right now. My son's going to be 3 next month and I can't believe it. I wish I could rewind time and just cradle him like a newborn baby again. Your girls are beautiful!!

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