Thursday, December 1, 2011

I'm Officially Vegetarian ... c')

After thanksgiving day,I don't know if it's just because of too much food on the table or what, but we decided to completely turn away from meat. And by that I mean we cleaned our refrigerator, our pantry and all. No trace of meat anymore, all gone! I've been doing some readings about becoming a vegetarian and there's a so many interesting things, a lot of good reasons for being a Vegetarian. As I continue educating my self, It will be a lot easier to adopt the lifestyle. I am going for it for Personal health reason, now the ethics and environment concerns that will follow. I don't don't yet If I'm going to take it that far,we'll see. It's a lifestyle I'm going to live one baby step at a time. I'm not really a big meat eater in the first place but I love meat,and Fish too. Becoming a vegetarian is not a one day process I know. I definitely need support cause I am an emotional eater, that's where my problem begins. Saying NO is one thing too, cause if you are Filipino part of our being one is to always being invited to take part in your friends and even neighbor's meal. The very famous Filipino line "kain tayo!?!" meaning "come let's eat?!" and since I'm new my taste bud is still not adjusted to it, I would still remember and smell my non vegetarian food. It' will be tough.

Learning different terms like Vegan, Vegetarian, Fruitarian...Flextarian is driving me coo-coo so I think I'll be cool about it for now and try not to fill my brain with too much info out there and again, take little baby steps. The adjustment won't be too much, that's for sure coz my kids are not really meat eater,thank goodness, my husband was a vegan for 11 years (returning now after many years, lol), basically for the most part, it's only me who needs all the adjusting. Yesterday I was really craving for meat, I went to one of my friends house they were having dinner,the piece of pork on her table feels like talking to me saying 'come take a bite',it's funny! Told my husband about it and when we got home last night he made me dinner (sweet huh?). It was a meatless & soy-free Gruyere chik'n cutlets made by Quorn, to my surprised it tasted just like chicken but It's a little bit on the pricy side. It's something we can't afford to do everyday.

look at this little cute piglets? now how can you eat them? ooops,Did I say I'm not going to take it this far? lol! well...they really are cute little thing though.


Roche said...

wow as in no go go go girl.. im sure u will be okay.. ako di pwede kay meat eater akong pares.. maybe i can live without meat pero akong pares di jud pwede.

Lindsay @ a mommy's lifestyle said...

Aww, the little piglets are too cute...makes me feel bad for even eating pork! LOL.

Mommy With Selective Memory said...

Wow, no meat! Your husband is on board? Kudos to you! Those piggies are very cute though! Thanks for stopping by, I'm now follow back! :-) Mommy With Selective Memory

Maria said...

I have always said that I am one day away from being a vegetarian! Maybe that day will be tomorrow... :) Following via GFC from

momto8 said...

Well, good luck!!!

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