Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Bestfriends For Life?

Yes they are. Sometimes. But lately I've been hearing a lot of "You're not my friend anymore!", " You're ugly!", " Leave me Alone!" Oh there's many days of silly squabblings and crying over who hit who and who took away what...They are so affectionate with each, other one minute they don't want each other in their lives.
There's many days of verbal barbs as they grow up. It's driving me nuts. I miss those days where I hear " Where's my hug and kiss Dela!" Or "I'll miss you Korin!" and my most favorite line from Elle to her little sisters, " You are my best friends for life!" . Gone are those days, I feel like I'm raising three teenagers in the house now. Even my 2 yr old is learning how to fight back. I try to be neutral because if I punish the guilty one I feel like I'm giving in to exactly what they want me to do. I make sure they deal with their own little dispute by themselves, apologize to each other and then my favorite line..." or else..." lol! or else they can't have their privileges like watching TV, Ice cream or play at the park. It works,all the time. And I always tell them how lucky they are for having each other and that having siblings is the greatest gift they could have in life.

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Faye Ponce said...

really bes,u made me so proud<u turned out to be a better mom than me,i guess because i only have 1 and now she's almost 18,my gosh how time flies,remember she was only maybe 3 when we first met and became friends...so thats 15 years of friendship,i am missing u so much....now at least uve got ur wish of having kids of ur own and u are blessed with 3 beautiful chikitings....

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